Call of Duty Developer Gets Death Threats After New Patch


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Aug 5, 2009
So it's the game's own PLAYERS who want the developer to die horribly? Why did I think it was actual terrorists telling that guy to die in a fire?
Well, I'd say this sounds like a case of reaping what you sow, but when one of the publishers tells the loudest, most obnoxious segment of their customers to shut the hell up, they really screwed up.


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Nov 24, 2011
Metalrocks said:
i see. poor kiddies cant do the usual camping with their anyway over powered weapons. good thing i dint touch this game. already lost my nerves with MW3 when everyone was using the fagkimos and aimbot.
i stick with my BF3, at least their i havent come across a cheater or that some weapons are over powered.
Haven't been killed by explosive grenade rounds from the shotgun much have you? I was. A lot. That's the most overpowered weapon I have ever come across in my gaming experience.


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Mar 18, 2013
Well then, this is an excellent reason why I do not associate with CoD in any means past MW1. Too many whiny kids and adults flapping their gums over trivial crap.


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Aug 22, 2011
The Rogue Wolf said:
Changes involving fractions of a second made to make-believe guns in a video game rate death threats, now?

These people must have their heads so far up their asses that they can see out their own nostrils.

Upbeat Zombie said:
I would of been happy if they were able to ban the people making such comments. The games would be better off without people like that.
You have NO IDEA how much I would love to see that. "You want something to get upset about?" BANHAMMER

[small]And seriously, considering the guy who faced eight years of jail for one dumb comment in League of Legends [], you'd think these rageheads would think twice before tossing off death threats.[/small]
You'd be right, but ragers have a distinct deficit in rationality. Life is just so much easier when you can turn internal metrics in a game about shooting guns into some sort of personal fulcrum your life rests on. Life *has* to be loads more easier when you think you're entitled to your own personal standards to such an extent that threatening the developer feels like a valid tactic.

There's only one solution I've found to fix their problem - and that's avoiding VoIP as well as any and all PMs or message board posts coming from ragers that still have a bone to pick about me.

The proverbial Mute Button. That fixes everything. Drop an asshat in an environment where his seething bile receives no validation and he'll naturally be forced to switch tactics over time - if he doesn't just sulk away sullenly.


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Dec 30, 2011
I think everyone needs to keep something in perspective here; the only other people who the reporters hear of who dish out death threats are radical, hateful groups. In the real world, sending a death threat is a serious issue and the people who typically report on these still haven't wrapped their minds around the very casual language present in the online world.

That being said, people have been killed for stupider reasons. There are many, many idiotic people in this world who would kill someone over the most trivial things and the internet has only given those people an increased access to things that would make them violent. It's safer to react to these threats than assume they're made by harmless idiots and not bloodthirsty idiots.


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Aug 10, 2011
Scars Unseen said:
JoesshittyOs said:
Scars Unseen said:
People that make murder simulators had best watch out what they do to their murder simulators because the people they're fucking with play murder simulators.
You sound like Fox news, I thought the Escapist kind of agreed that this was a stupid irrational way of thinking.
If the excessive tautology wasn't a blaring siren that I wasn't being serious, then I apologize. For your benefit, I shall now end my joking posts as follows:

[EDI]That was a joke.[/EDI]
Thank you, I appreciate that.


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Jul 7, 2011
I'm glad these people aren't part of the TF2 community if they want to murder someone over a fraction of a second to a gun's firing rate, they would have burned down Valve's office after all the nerfs in the summer update. In all seriousness though these people are part of the reason I gave up on CoD (besides how awful MW3 was) there is always a few weapons in every Cod game that become the ones that everyone uses due to how overpowered they are, and whenever the developer tries to make the game more balanced the fans throw a tantrum.

Brad Shepard

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Sep 9, 2009
likalaruku said:
The only thing I really know about this game is this meme. Threats from obnoxious children are petty & empty, unless they know where you live & it's within biking distance from their house.

i dont think i have ever seen a truer picture.


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Sep 6, 2012
To be honest when I hear shit like this I laugh.

Sending death threats over a game that's just stupid.

I can say with 100% accuracy my fellow escapists these people are fucking pathetic go ahead and mock them.


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Jun 19, 2011
When a sizeable chunk of your fanbase are loudmouth teenagers and preteens, who mainly use your product to speak of other user's mothers' sexual acts and/or physique; and you change something that upsets them, you will not get a rational debate.


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Jun 30, 2009
This seems like par for the course for every single "CoDtard". (this being a jacka** who ONLY plays CoD and believes...)

I'm sorry but this guy deserved absolutely nothing in response to patching guns by miliseconds. Hell he didn't deserve any feedback in any form, he's doing a fine job maintaining video games for millions of mindless drones. If his producers wanted him to work on something more productive like anything other than Call of Duty, then he'd work on that. He's not a Nazi, he's a game programmer.


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May 9, 2013
The man didn't need to clear up anything.
Clearly he got a taste of some of the more ugly faces of the CoD franchise.

I don't like CoD.
I think it' the most unoriginal franchise of all time.

But seriously, I HATE it when people send death threats to anybody. It's disgusting and crass.
You either talk to him about it in a civil manner or get the fuck off the internet.

Those three weapons were probably overpowered or abused in some way so he fixed it.
That does not warrant half the fanbase getting the pitchforks and torches and proceeding to threaten the mans very existence.
People these days.

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Jun 17, 2009
Amrich's sentiments pretty much sum up what I was going to say. Well except for WTF? These people are getting upset over 1-2 tenths of a second. WHAT? And even if it was a whole 1 or 2 seconds (which I imagine in a fast paced FPS could be significant), is it really worth issuing death threats over? Really? Fucking really?


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Aug 30, 2011
Zeldias said:
MeChaNiZ3D said:
It's a bullshit excuse because you also have the right to say what you want, and instead of countering abuse you go "Meh, free country," and move on instead of trying to enact some good.
Do I? Is that what I have done? Have I said "Meh, free country", and with an attitude of indifference, ignored what was sent? Do you expect me to reply to that person on the developer's behalf? I do not play CoD, so I don't get to interact with the community in-game, and I am not in dialogue with the person in question. I have posted here, I thought pretty clearly indicating that I thought sending a death threat was a pitiful thing to do, but that it shouldn't be a legal offence, and that it is basically empty. What do you expect me to do?

And on that note, what good are you doing, exactly? Did you do anything other than post in this thread, accusing me of handwaving? Are you hacking into emails and trying to discern this person's online ID so justice can be served?


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Apr 9, 2009
Zachary Amaranth said:
WanderingFool said:
Wow... I just finally got my 360 fixed, and have yet to start playing Blops 2 again (need Gold first) but... now im not sure I want to be associated with this shit... I mean seriously... We're going to kill someone over fractions of a second? The Fuck!?
If it makes you feel any better, a lot of the butthurt folks are threatening to leave and go back to Modern Warfare 3. To which I say: I can't wait for my finger to get better and play in the new, improved Blops 2 community!
Funny you say that. I came up with a diagram (not really a diagram, but piss off, im calling it a diagram) that shows the basic lifecycle of a COD game:

1- New Release: COD game is released for the public, thus it is considered awesome and most everyone is on a level playing field. Lasts about 2-3 months after game release.

2- It sucks: Due to people having had about several months of play, as well as new players to the game, People start bitching for a number of reasons, before deciding that the new game sucks and goes back to the previous game.

3- ?????[footnote]I didnt think of a name for this one yet.[/footnote]: This is the part where the game actually does get better because alot of people left it to go back to the previous game. For the Xbox, come with the benefit of less people bitching than normal for XBL.

4- Old game: this is the time which the new COd game is released. Save for the dedicated few, most people will be buying and playing the new game.

5- Revisiting: See part 2.

Something Amyss

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Dec 3, 2008
Single Shot said:
If that's the case they really should see this.
Be afraid people, be very afraid, CoD noobs just invaded the real world.
Now if only they could work out the safety, we'd all be dead.
Oh God, I forgot about that!

They'd need to load it, too. I think we've got another 4-5 years.

ThatDarnCoyote said:
That actually does make me feel better. If only I could believe they were telling the truth. :(
We can dream....

Yes, the BioWare fanbase is much more contemplative and respectful...just ask Jennifer Hepler.
To be fair, Hepler went in with both fists swinging. The CoD guys just made a patch with some trivial changes.

WanderingFool said:
Funny you say that. I came up with a diagram (not really a diagram, but piss off, im calling it a diagram) that shows the basic lifecycle of a COD game:
Yeah, it seems like there's a point at which the older game is always better. Of course, my friends always threaten to go back to the last title but never do.


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May 6, 2013
Thoralata said:
erttheking said:
*Sigh* how come the most obnoxious immature ones make the most noise?
Because the mature gamers are content to bury their heads in the sand and give bullshit excuses like "This is the Internet" or "Free Speech hurr durr"

Instead of taking the route of being louder by shouting "SHUT UP" to these obnoxious asswipes.
Trust me, it's the worst possible idea to fuel the fire by shouting back at the kids who are just waiting to get the fight started.