Call of Duty XP 2011


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Jul 9, 2008
The only reason i would see to even get the elite is just for the dlc, but even depending on how many the come out with it may not even be worth it. The way they make it sound is that they will be makeing lots with a monthly new thing, but somehow i dont think its gonna be any good till the 15$ map pack and theres gonna need to be 4 of those in the first year to make it even worth the price. Yes i know it gives access to diffrent things but all seem entirely pointless could be easly be free things


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Dec 28, 2009
Satsuki666 said:
By far, my favorite streak bonuses are reserved for the Specialist group. Here, each streak earned unlocks a new Perk and if you can earn eight kills without dying, you unlock all of the perks for use at once. It sounds insanely powerful, but getting eight kills without dying should be fairly rare for most players and it's something that deserves a substantial reward.
Oh I love it when they make the good killstreaks incredibly easy to get, or at least the cool sounding ones.
Yep, 8 kill-streaks are in MW2 fairly common if I'm playing with a full clan roster.
And after hearing MW3 will be more MW2 me hearty fills with joy.

Cant wait till November

Ghengis John

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Dec 16, 2007
Dr. Pepper Unlimited said:
Ghengis John said:
He's back. He reports the event was a lot of waiting in line and that it was poorly organized.
I suppose it's a good thing the tickets were free. :3
Oh yeah, for him very much so. I'd guess that ameliorates things a little for him. But that's more a credit to gamespy and doesn't really do anything to exonerate the event's organizers. Gamespy gave away two tickets for an essay contest. His essay went like this: "I don't even like call of duty really, but I want to ride the jeep, try that obstacle course and eat a hamburger." And they picked him. Unfortunately some people payed 190 bucks for their tickets and traveled from around the country and the planet to be there. (New York, New Zealand, German and Korean people he met in lines). They had to be let down. All he had to deal with was an hour long drive. He got on a list to go on the jeep ride the next day without a wait, after waiting 2 hours and forty minutes for them the previous day but he didn't even go back. My friend Nick who went with him got the privilege of waiting 80 minutes in a line to buy a six dollar hot dog and a seven dollar bottle of water. And it wasn't even a nice hot dog. And that zip-line they kept showing off? They'ed take ten minutes to let over one person and celebrities would show up and go to the head of the line. (He got to watch some WWE guy and some comedian make him wait 20 more minutes) So in conclusion, it's safe to say the event was horrendously planned. Here's a video he made of the hour long plus line to get your swag bag.



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Aug 11, 2008
So will bugs, hacking and lag still be as prevalent on every other system thats not an Xbox? Because I really don't feel like wasting another 60 dollars on a game where there are officially zero servers left that are proper and not SNIPERTOMAHAWK ONLY NO CROUCH NO SPRINT ADS ONLY 24/7 Nuketown servers

But hey, I don't see pigs flying yet so I doubt that