Capcom Updates Lost Planet

Jan 4, 2007
Capcom Updates Lost Planet

Capcom continues to respond to the gaming community's concerns about Lost Planet's Multiplayer mode and is releasing an update for all Lost Planet players around March 9.

The fixes that will be included in the update are as follows:

A country flag icon will be shown next to every player's gamertag in the lobby to aid in determining match host location. There will also be an icon next to each gamertag showing connection strength, speed and rating.
In Team Elimination, Post Grab and Fugitive modes, and also at the post-match results screen, an indicator will be added next to the gamertag when someone speaks.
In the post-match results screen, gamertags of the players who have left the session will be darkened.

Besides these updates, bugs in the game that were brought to Capcom's attention were fixed:

Occasional occurrences of multiple fugitives instead of just one in Fugitive Mode was fixed.
Errors where multiple lobby screens would display on top of one another were fixed.
When the game would hang at the transition screen between the lobby and the game and reboot was fixed.
When certain players would become invisible during a match due to lag was fixed.
When post match results screens would show players who weren't in the match was fixed.
The bug that allowed taunt animations to be used to shorten reload times was fixed.