Colin Farrell May Star in Warcraft Movie

Amir Kondori

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Apr 11, 2013
Does anybody really expect a good WoW movie? I sure as hell don't. The lore is fine as far as video game stuff goes but lacks the depth for any kind of faithful adaptation to be workable. So you had better hope whoever attempts the adaptation will be skilled.
Not to mention the biggest threats to these projects is usually the right's holder, it is what killed the Halo movie. Microsoft tried to hold the reins way too tightly on that project.
Ah well, at least we've got Ender's Game coming soon.


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Jul 26, 2009
Dendio said:
Just hire the lord of the rings staff, give it a wow twist and have peter jackson direct it
Not a stupid idea actually. Just different actors. Keep the crews and everyone else.

But this movie will suck. Because it is made by committee and made for marketing rather than to tell any story or entertain (it will coincide with a new wow expansion and be hype for it).

The best possible move they could do is one that would be little kids to get hooked on wow.

The move the fans want is something a *little* more mature. Depth is optional, but not expected...


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Sep 4, 2009
If they make it like beowulf then maybe the film will work, but live action.... I cant see it working im afraid

Neurotic Void Melody

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Apr 3, 2020
I've never played Wow...never wanted to either as i appreciate my social life and girlfriends and all that jazz.
However, i would be willing to see the movie, if Colin Farrel IS in it...he is a very good actor, its a pity they only mentioned his blockbuster works. Someone mentioned In Bruges, which is definitely better than the other films they mentioned. Plus i hope he keeps his irish accent for the role...whatever that may be.
Which brings me to the question...does Wow even have a story worth telling? Or just something worth cashing out on? This is one of the main points that will decide for me whether the film will be good enough. I know these things are subjective, but meh!

Finally, what is Moon? Worth watching? I liked source code for originality and Jake G.

Microsoft does not seem to recognise the word 'Bruges' A bit fucking ignorant if you ask me! :p

RJ 17

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Nov 27, 2011
rhizhim said:
its always some silly name starting with an A, like arakatarata or arkambashtor or asshatik.
Jar-Jar Binks would disagree with this statement. :p

Sansha said:
I think Farrell as Arthas would be an excellent casting choice. I love Frozen Throne and Wrath lore a great deal, so I'm really excited to see what they do with it. Although the Second War would be my first choice for a Warcraft movie.
My money is on them going the "original story set in the universe" angle...that's what most game-based-movies do. With the exception of the legendary Mario Bro's movie which had pretty much nothing to do with the game itself other than "They're plumbers, and they're named Mario and Luigi." Just saying I wouldn't get my hopes up for a "re-enactment" type of movie that tells a story from one of the games if I were you. If anything I'm guessing it'll be a story from one of the books, but as I mentioned it'll more than likely be an original story all together.

The problem with taking a story from the games is a problem of perspective. There's too many stories to tell throughout the campaigns of WC. If you take Arthas' descent into madness, it's going to be almost entirely Alliance vs Undead, cutting out the Orcs and Night Elves and end with a big fat "To Be Continued" for a movie that might never be made. If you go with Thrall setting up the new Orc kingdom in Kalimdor, you're going to be going from a very unique perspective - that of a fantasy movie where humanity ISN'T the in the primary role - and it would likely be overloaded with way too much exposition. Same with any stories from the Undead or Night Elf campaign. The problem with going back to WCII would be that it there's way too much to stuff into a single movie to get the job done, inevitably leading again to a big "To Be Continued" for a sequel that might never get made. Reasons like that are why most game-based movies go for original stories, and why I'm betting this movie will be no different.

That said, I'm in the camp that can't help but have a pessimistic outlook on this movie. I just don't see how it can be done well. Maybe if they were going full CGI and making it a 3D animated movie, but live action? Ehhhhhhh...just seems like it'll come off as being too goofy to take seriously. Lord of the Rings was a diamond in the rough. As someone else mentioned, pulling off a good fantasy movie is incredibly tricky, LotR did it because it was a story that EVERYONE knew and loved and the movies - with some exception - stayed pretty faithful to the source material. That said, can you imagine live-action orcs or night elves or tauren being handled with CGI-makeup combos? I certainly can't.

I would love to see a WC movie that's done well, I really enjoy the lore and story as presented in the games (the RTS's, at least), and seeing that all brought to life on the big screen would be a lot of fun. I just can't get my hopes up for this project, however, and will be taking a "Wait and See, but Doubting" approach to it until more information comes out.


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Sep 21, 2013
WOW lore is just terrible and way too convoluted to make a movie. Its full of a million disposable races and talking inanimate objects that exist to get stabbed and were airdropped in by crystal star people.
They need to go back to their roots and have Medivh story.

Or they could capitalize on the pirate fad and go all Tides Of Darkness:

Blood Brain Barrier

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Nov 21, 2011
nymz said:
Colin Farrell is a good actor, In Bruges comes to mind. That's a really good movie, although far from high fantasy. But considering his accent, I think he could make a great dwarf.
I think he'd make a good orc. But considering his wages, they probably wouldn't want to waste him putting that much makeup on him and having him grunt. Which, to be fair, is what he does in a lot of his other movies.


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Jan 2, 2011
ex951753 said:
I feel like this movie is set up for failure/disappointment no matter who writes the script, and who's in it. Warcraft's lore is too complex and fan base is so large that no matter the outcome, they're bound to piss someone off. That being said, I really wish I'm wrong about this and it turns out to be a huge success.
Just for reference huge doesn't equal complex.

OT: I really want to know what the hell the movie is about exactly, though by the looks of it I wont see anything on it for a long time.

Also, I could see him as Turalyon.