Comic Studio 3DS App Coming Westward for Artists of All Levels


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Apr 18, 2011
Comic Studio 3DS App Coming Westward for Artists of All Levels

For those artistically inclined, the Comic Studio is specifically meant for creating manga.

The ways of creating comics have changed greatly in the last decade, making it more accessible to a variety of people. Comic Studio is a 3DS application that uses the 3DS's touchscreen and some extra features in the software that gives players a chance to make their own comics with the handheld. Developer Collavier revealed that a western release is underway, but a release date has not been decided yet.

Visitors to Miiverse can see that plenty of 3DS users are quite skilled at drawing with the 3DS stylus even with limited options. Comic Studio gives artists more control over drawing mechanics. To begin, users select how the size of the book, likely meaning how many pages there will be, and can customize each page to have different panel setups. Drawings are done freehand, and the app lets users change the size of the brush (all the way down to the size of a single pixel). The app includes stock expressions, text balloons, stylized sound effects, but of course these don't have to be used if someone wants to do it all freehand.

Once finished, users can save the file as a JPG. It can be extracted from the SD card or emailed via the 3DS's browser, allowing users to share their work with the world. According to Siliconera the app can hold about 6,400 pages.

Comic Studio launches in Japan on Jan. 15 for 800 yen. Collavier has not decided the date or price for the western version of the app.

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Jan 4, 2010
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That's really neat. I am sure it will come in handy for comic artists who just want to sketch something real quick when out and about. Not sure it will be used for anything more than some dumb fun/practice though.