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A random person

New member
Apr 20, 2009
Aw, nobody nominated me?

On topic, I'll go ahead and nominate NeutralDrow, since the big guys like Neonbob and Fubert have already been nominated.


New member
Apr 15, 2009
Random Argument Man said:
Oh great! A popularity contest! Who should I nominate? Well, certainly not me.

A. Only Neonbob would vote for me.
B. Who am I kidding? The popular guys knows me and the rest all forgot about me. That's not how I'm going to win.
Same, but I most likely will not be voted at all.

Anyway, my vote will be for Jack And Calumon. He/they are one of the most interesting people I've met on this website. I've yet to work out "the deal" with having two people or what they symbolise though.