'Computer games keep the elderly mentally active'


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May 28, 2011
Alcamonic said:
Strazdas said:
Im not so lucky though, my granddad thinks that the computer "Spreads radiation" and that im going to die from sitting there.
You could comfort him by telling that is only true in Russia.

One of the many problems with making older people pick up gaming is for them to "get the point" by completing something in a game. Then again, naturally, watching soap on TV is considered "perfectly fine and healthy".
Except we are ex-soviet russia.....
But yeah i get the joke.
He does not think soap operas are good either. Infact he spend most of his time lsitening to news, calculating variuos land objects and studying laws. Well that and fighting his ever increasing illness, but that comes with age (hes 88).

Nouw said:
This is why we need an easy mode in Dark Souls, for the elderly gamers.
elderly have a lot of time, they can grind. and memorizing all enemies makes a good brain exercise.


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May 14, 2009
Well of course I'll still be gaming by then. Unless some terrible accident happens which takes away all of my digits. >_>

Thinking about it now, it's going to feel pretty weird when I'm playing through Shadow of the Colossus again when I'm 80. By that point, the game would be nearly 70 years old. 0_o