Confess your nerd sins


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May 27, 2009
EHKOS said:
I recently sold both my Tomba! games just so I could have a little extra walking around money. I didn't even need it, and I just let go of two amazing PS1 memories. I don't feel terrible about it either.
This right here is unforgivable.

OT: It seems that a surprising lot of people genuinely hate the LoTR series, so I'm happy about being a part of that, though it doesn't really count as much of a sin in comparison now.

I loathe Star Trek, called Link Zelda for about 3 years because I thought he was cool, but never played any of the games yet (I've every one of them under my belt now though)

I haven't turned my 3DS off completely more than 5 times since I got it in 2010, and carry it with me every day.

Pretty tame when compared to you guys though. Some of the stuff in this thread, yeesh


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Apr 3, 2020
There's a long list of stuff I dislike or haven't seen/done/read, but having limited time to do stuff as well as good taste (hehee) can't be a sin. However...

- I laugh at nerds and their nerdy hobbies behind their backs. Though I laugh at everything anyway.
- I'm too impatient for tabletop games and some board games. (Not a sin, but I thought I should mention it.)
- I read one novel per year. I read parts of a couple more, and I read (short-)fiction online, but recently only one novel yearly. This year it was Ready Player One, for example.
- I find spending money on fan merch to be very, very stupid. Any sort of collecting should be done only because you genuinely find the stuff artistically remarkable (or you're after some sort of world record). Same goes for movies, though it's a bit harder to stay in line with those.
- I think lots of popular culture stuff is general knowledge and you should at least go on some wiki-walks even if you're never going to actually watch/read/do/hear it.

EDIT: Gotta ask how do people actually hate a piece of fiction or entertainment? I mean, I'd like to hear some reasons. Hate means it did something bad to you, right? I hate The Sims because at one point I realized it had robbed countless hours of my time and I never actually really enjoyed it beyond the first few hours and maybe some house decorating.


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Jan 29, 2010
I hardly ever watch any TV ever, so pretty much any nerd material on TV is off my radar.
I've also never touched Twitter, so anything happening over there is also off my rader.
I've never touched an MMO.
Never played Dungeons and Dragons (Anyone able to hook me up with a good dungeon master?)
I enjoyed Star Trek: Into the Darkness
I've owned the entire Outlaw Star series for over 5 years and never got around to watching it. (Honestly, I seem to have some aversion to TV)
I read Twilight in a book group once

My biggest shame: I own four good fighting games, but I've never challenged anyone to an online match.


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Apr 12, 2020
I like programmer-jokes.
I used to like star wars, then I switched sides and consider it kinda meh.
I LOVE books.
I'm absolute rubbish at reading the pile of books I have.
I end up playing WoW instead, ignoring most other nerdy pursuits.
Which is sad, because I'm living the nerds dream, I have an actual paying job (although not at a comic book store. We have a shelf with comics, it'll do), with enough disposable income to buy all kinds of stuff.
All the stuff I buy stands mostly unused, because I end up sitting at my computer, skyping with people, browsing the web/playing WoW instead.
My steam-library is huge, and suffers the same fate as my other stuff.
I have a PS3, which is mostly used for watching Dr. Who.
I have an X360, which barely sees any use, except the two times per month I fire it up to download the latest Games with Gold-game.
All because World of Warcraft. Seriously, what is it with this game? It doesn't so much pull me in, rather it absorbs me and most of my spare time.

I probably have depression and should probably do something about it... Feeling kinda down right now as well.

sageoftruth said:
Never played Dungeons and Dragons (Anyone able to hook me up with a good dungeon master?)
Depends, do you live in norway?


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Nov 3, 2014
Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.
I've never watched Dr. Who, Star Trek, Firefly, or any sci-fi film by Joss Whedon.
I don't think Dragon Age 2 is completely irredeemable.
I have zero interest in comic books, except maybe The Darkness.

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Oct 8, 2011
I don't know how many of these are sins but here I go.

Game of Thrones does not interest me. "Oh, but if you love Lord of the Rings, you'll love Game Of Thrones!" - Is not a true statement. That's akin to saying "Twilight is just Harry Potter for girls!" which is again, so false it makes my eyes hurt just reading it.

I find anime to be tiresome nowadays. I've grown out of it and I just don't like it anymore though I still give it a chance SOMETIMES.

I'm sick of seeing My Little Pony everywhere which is weird because I was never into MLP nor did I think it was ever a "nerd" thing until the new series. If my tallies from people-watching at RenFaire have anything to say it's that they're EVERYWHERE.

I think Star Trek is boring as hell, Doctor Who is all but ruined by its stupid fanbase (also just not interesting to me) and I couldn't not watch Firefly quick enough to save my life.

I don't read comics unless they're self-contained stories and I don't understand the concept of not removing an action figure from its box, as I'm a child on the inside who likes posing her action figures decoratively on the windowsill.

On the opposite end of the "I don't like nerd shows" coin, one of my favourite live action shows is 1987's Beauty and the Beast, which... the script was worked on by George R. R. Martin soooo that one's not ENTIRELY a sin? I dunno. It's a romance so it's like the opposite of everything I try to represent about myself, but I just love that show to pieces.

I'm not a big fan of space. Outer space doesn't really appeal to me and I like gritty fantasy better (though not GoT apparently).

I like the western Silent Hill games and consider them just as fun as the other Silent Hill games - though they lack in depth, I still like seeing all of them on my shelf together.

I'm terrible at math.


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Dec 21, 2012
Books: I loathe Dune. I think Tolkien is drivel.

Shows: I do not care about Dr. Who. I think Game of Thrones is a mediocre adaptation of a merely-decent fantasy series.

Movies: I do not care for the Alien franchise.

Comics: I don't read comic books.

Anime/Manga: I don't care about . Haven't watched one front to back since Samurai Champloo. The only Gundam shows I didn't find tediously dull were Gundam Wing and G Gundam.

Tabletop: I don't play D&D. Or any tabletop. My only 40k experience is through Gaunt's Ghosts, Ciaphas Cain, and Dawn of War.

Games: I liked Final Fantasy X-2(except for the blitzball, that part was rightfully panned). I don't really care much about Mario. Never played World of Warcraft. I loathed Brawl. I've never played Half-Life. I've never cared for Halo. Likewise Dark Souls or Ninja Gaiden.


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Jul 15, 2014
"I'm not a big fan of space. Outer space doesn't really appeal to me and I like gritty fantasy better (though not GoT apparently)."

"I've never cared for dark souls"

"DA2 is redeemable"



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Apr 12, 2020
This thread makes me realise all the aspects of nerd culture that I haven't given two shits about so far (and probably still won't).

I've watched Star Trek: The next generation. That was enough, I have the movies lying around, and I watched the first movie once (5 minute wankathon as they display the kick-ass 1:100 model they made of the Enterprise much? The 60W lightbulbs are kinda a giveaway of the actual size). I've been thinking about watching the rest, but they're busy drowning in the pool of other movies I've yet to watch.

There's many things I do like in nerd culture, hell I think they should make a complete series of the Warcraft lore which I think kicks so much ass that Duke Nukem can move over.

I don't like duke nukem, btw. The famous list of 90's games that have made some influence in history, have made no impact on me. First of all, they passed me by like a wind on the other side of the earth. I never even heard of them until after 2005 or something. I knew about Unreal Tournament, but I never had anything to play it on, so I didn't know what it was at the time, nor did I care very much. We weren't much in a place to be getting any kind of gaming hardware, except for my trusty old N64.


I don't like
- Quake 1-3
- Duke Nukem (any of them)
- Unreal Tournament
- Castle Wolfenstein
- Any other 90's FPS game

I actually played through Half-Life 1, because the story intrigues me (organised alien invasion, portal, multiple dimensions and so on), but I spent A LOT of time trying to complete it. Not because I was bad, but because it was just so boring. And kinda ugly, I started playing it in 2012 or something, and reversing back to the "realistic" graphics of 1997 was disturbing at best. The brown turd mountain levels stand out as quite an eyesore.


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Mar 4, 2012
I just finished Batman: Arkham Asylum and have started Batman: Arkham City. I don't think they're mind-blowing masterpieces with the capacity to cure cancer. It's all been a pretty typical mishmash of Castlevania and Splinter Cell, but watered down. And frankly, I'm not a fan of the combat. They've got a lot of flaws. Actually, City's fighting kinesthetics feel terrible.

I think the cinematic Hobbit is a lot better than the original novel one.

Angel Beats never made me cry. It did annoy and piss me off, though. Kannon just seemed naive and juvenile. I actually think Little Busters is the best of Key's works.

I actually liked Shadow the Hedgehog, and I think Sonic Unleashed is actually worse than Sonic '06, especially because of those daytime stages. Yes, the daytime stages.

I haven't seen any of Supernatural, Firefly, The Walking Dead, Sherlock, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, or whatever that thing is with King Arthur or Merlin or whoever it was.

I actually like Indiana Jones more than Star Wars.

I really, really, really don't like Alyx Vance. And I think the first Half-Life is better than the sequel, even without taking her into account.

I don't give a crap about Petra. Minor/Background characters generally don't interest me.

I thought "the twist" in Iron Man 3 was great.

The three most recent Call of Duty games (Black Ops II, Ghosts, Advanced Warfare) actually look kinda interesting. At least in terms of their campaigns premises.

I had plenty of fun playing Duke Nukem Forever... except when things slowed down and got dull.

I wonder why in the world BioShock Infinite became another bland spunkgargleweewee game.

I'm kinda disinterested in the events of the Half-Life saga. Though I'm much more invested in the lore of Serious Sam.

Doom 3 was pretty awesome.

I don't think Psychonauts handles very well, and the conveyance isn't very good.

Navi is adorable.

I only recently started watching The Angry Video Game Nerd. The Nostalgia Critic took a while for me to look into as well.

I feel nostalgia for The Batman instead of Batman: The Animated Series.

I've found modern American cartoons that I like.

I'm totally accepting towards animé from places other than Japan.

I don't think I've actually listened to The Beatles... not counting that "Yellow Submarine" movie.

I actually liked the animé adaptation of Rosario + Vampire, as well as the manga source material.

I can't get invested in any of the characters in Puella Magi Madoka Magica. They're all so dull.

There are more games I want to play on the Wii U than the X-Box ONE and PlayStation 4 combined.

I found 007: GoldenEye to be extremely underwhelming and not even a proper adaptation of the 007 franchise. Feels more like Doom Light: Mommy-Approved Edition. I like the James Bond games that Electronic Arts published a lot better.

I've barely touched the Grand Theft Auto series. I've only played III and I haven't even finished it.

I actually like the portrayal of the chitari and The Hulk/Bruce Banner in Ultimate Avengers: The Movie more than in The Avengers.

I have yet to play a Final Fantasy game... Well, I tried playing the first, but never got beyond the main menu.

I have never played a Mother game.

I have never played an Ultima game.

I have never played an Elder Scrolls game.

I struggled more with The Forest Temple than The Water Temple.

I like Zero Suit Samus' design in the new Super Smash Bros.

I still don't get why people think Knuckles looks so weird in Sonic Boom.

I still have to make time to watch Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Hunter X Hunter, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Megas XLR, Code Lyoko, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Shamploo, and Fate/Zero sometime.

I like dubs.


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Apr 6, 2009
i enjoyed watching the 3 first Transformers movies.
i dont really like anime, actually, i dont really like japanese culture. the language sound awful to my hears, i cannot stand japanese music, movies, etc...
i never watched breaking bad, walking dead or firefly


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Aug 31, 2009
I haven't read Game of Thrones...or watched the show...or really even care to. It's been described to me as Lord of the Rings with boobs and because of that I don't really see any reason to give it a try.

I did give Attack on Titan a try though! After about 5 minutes of the first episode I turned it off and went back to re-watch Detroit Metal City. I hear there's a live action Attack on Titan movie being made that will either be an awesome Japanese movie we never get over here (like Cutie Honey, Gatchaman or Devilman) or it'll be another Hollywood adaptation that isn't very good and focuses on the human element and a stupid love plot.

I watched a bit of Dr. Who but after getting through Eccelston's run, I just didn't care to continue. I saw a few Matt Smith episodes and the event wherein stock footage made it seem like all of the Doctors came together thing that I don't quite remember...I dunno, it just didn't grip me.

I don't think I like Mario platformers...I hate the NES games (except for Doki-Doki-Mario 2 which I enjoy and 3 which I enjoy a bit more). I don't really like 64 much at all and I really didn't like Sunshine. I loved Galaxy, 3D Land, 3D World and, the Land series in general. I like the spin-offs more than the core games.

I hated Majora's Mask. Yes, I'm going to buy the remake but I really hated the dungeons. It wasn't as bad as Skyward Sword least I can control MM.

Didn't really care for Metroid Prime

I had more fun playing Sonic 06 than I do playing Sonic and Sonic 2 on the Genesis, those last two games I haven't even beaten

If it wasn't for the save states on the VC, I would have never been able to beat Super Mario Bros or Super Mario Bros 3

I never really cared enough to finish Shadow of the Colossus.

I had to force myself through Half-Life 2 and didn't care enough to play more than a couple of hours worth of Half-Life.

geK0 said:
I've only ever read the first chapter of Fellowship of The Ring.
I made it through The Lord of the Rings trilogy but it was more out of spite than anything. I liked The Hobbit but I hated LotR. I didn't watch any movie after Fellowship, still haven't seen the Hobbit movies, don't care about any of the games (except Shadow of Mordor but I'm waiting until it hits the $20-mark before I consider thinking about buying it).


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Apr 7, 2014
I don't care for fantasy novels.

I have/had a certain degree of sympathy for Jack Thompson('s arguments)

I think the best of PlatinumGames' output (mostly the 2 Bayonetta games) are good but not great, and the other stuff I've played from them ranges from mediocre to awful.

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Oct 19, 2011
Okay here we go:

- Star Wars is actually kind of lame and the expanded universe is fan fiction blown out of proportion.
- The star trek reboot was good.
- Final Fantasy XII is the best Final Fantasy by far and would be hailed as excellent if not for being non-traditional and bearing the FF name
- Pokemon is still a great strategy game with incredible depth for those who want it.
- Titanfall is fucking jawsome.
- The Wii U has tonnes of great exclusives.


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Jan 19, 2009
I've committed so many that I can't even call myself a nerd.

I don't watch ANY TV, ANY anime, or ANY webseries (except Feed Dump). I resist going to movies, even. I'm just here to play games.

...I've almost stopped playing games. ;_____;

I've not seen countless "nerd classics" and find Japanese entertainment to be insufferable at best. I've never played more than two hours of Pokemon, I've never owned a Nintendo box console, I've never owned ANY console within ten years of its release, etc, etc.

Worst of all, I acknowledge that the media we consume does, in fact, affect our outlook on life and behaviour. Garbage in, garbage out and all that.

jthwilliams said:
- I think Visual Studio is better than emacs
No one actually likes Emacs. It's a myth. People say they do to feel smug (to offset their imminent carpal tunnel disorder).

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Jun 16, 2009
I must confess my sins:

I just can't get into Dr. Who (too much already there for me)

I haven't ever beaten a Metroid, Castlevania, or Final Fantasy game ever. (But I sure do like to try...)

I sometimes button mash while playing fighters

I think most anime is the same so I don't watch it (DBZ, Pokemon, and Studio Ghibli films are great though)


I play more NBA 2K15 more than any other game this year besides 2K14.


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Aug 19, 2014
Nerd sins?

...b-but, if we tell, won't the nerd illuminati come and take away our membership cards?

Oh, okay.

I really enjoyed the phantom menace and the crystal skull wasn't that bad either.

I just don't get it.
I know I'm meant to pray towards San Diego at least once a day while kneeling on a jumbo sized reprint of action comics number 1, but I just don't see the appeal of spending a weekend at such a place.