Constant C Manipulates Gravity on Xbox Live Arcade in 2014


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Apr 18, 2011
Constant C Manipulates Gravity on Xbox Live Arcade in 2014

Ready to make Sir Isaac Newton's universal law of gravitation your tool?

From the publishers of visual novel and science adventure game Steins;Gate comes a physics-based puzzle platformer called Constant C. Already greenlit by Steam and published independently by developer IGS, the game will also be available through the Xbox Live Arcade in Spring 2014.

Publisher 5pb loves science, and Constant C is no exception to this. Set in space, the most brilliant scientists in the world developed the "Superliminal Project," meant to control the flow of time and space itself. Naturally, the project goes awry; one day time just stops. Everyone and everything in the space station is frozen in space and time. You control a rescue robot tasked with solving the mystery of what happened and saving the universe. No biggie.

The game challenges the player to control time, gravity, and momentum to get around in this platformer. Using the Xbox controller, pressing X, Y, or B changes the direction of gravity. The rescue robot obtains an item called the time bubble, which restores the flow of time to any object it touches. Utilizing both changes in gravity and the flow of time, players can get around, but like any puzzle platformer, there are plenty of obstacles to maneuver around.

Constant C has over 100 levels. The trailer shows both some gameplay as rescue robot and a part of the story with the scientists who just had to go and muck up time. The game is also available via Desura [ ] for Windows.

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