Crazy Dunkin' Donuts lady

Zef Otter

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Nov 28, 2007

I think everyone saw this video of this classless lady who is being rude to workers. Does this show how badly we treat service workers? Or is this just a special case?

Honestly Im trying to figure out how she thought..

A. this is acceptable behavior
B. Filming this and posting it on facebook a good idea?


Jun 5, 2013
Sociopath? I can't think of much else to explain that one. Maybe she just wants 15 minutes of fame. That's awful. I believe in the golden rule. And karma. Not that I wish ill on people, but was there any repercussions for her actions? Also, I'm pretty sure businesses have the right to refuse people service. Especially hostile ones. I would have phoned the police.


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May 26, 2011
Bitches be crazy.

You know who gets treated even worse than the average schmuck behind the register?

Customer service.

I can't even fathom the living hell working in customer service must be.

EDIT: But yeah, it's never a smart idea to piss off the people serving you, especially food, and it's an even worse idea to put it on the internet. Though I would hope that someone else was the one who actually began filming it? Was it really her idea? Because that's just... something else.


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Jan 30, 2012
Zhukov said:

Donut receipts are clearly serious business.
Well, it crossed a line, man. IT CROSSED A LINE! You can't get more srs than that. And think about it - after all the likes she gave them, they went and crossed a line. How could they treat the poor girl like that? Not giving her receipt - they may as well have called a blood feud, at least it would have been less insulting.
/sarcasm obviously

Johnny Novgorod

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Apr 10, 2020
Great, let's give this aggressive fuck the attention she craves for so much. Too many loonies with an iPhone to keep track out there.


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Feb 27, 2010
I think I'd have

- Asked her politely to stop being abusive.
- Asked her to leave if she continued.
- Called the cops once she started with the racial abuse.

Although it does occur to me that in this case the workers have done even better. By being unfailingly polite and professional they make her look even worse... and now the internet will take its revenge and ruin the crazy woman's life.


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May 20, 2009
she was quoting her "consumer rights" to the staff but equally the staff (not sure about USA, but in the UK) have the right to refuse service of an abusive customer. In fact if it was Britain another customer would've told her to fuck off if the guy at the till didnt


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Dec 31, 2012
...Why is it the first thing that crossed my mind when I looked at her picture was "Golly, it would be rather easy to pull her arms out of their sockets"? Huh.

Anyway, this is one of the stupidest things a person could do.
Not the act of being an asshole, not abusing somebody...I'm certain there's plenty of famous people who do that and plenty of people who get to high places doing it, but by recording it and making such a big deal of it. Throw in some vehement racism in there to boot.

It's like she wants to murder her reputation and future.
I think she succeeded. I wouldn't want to hire that person, I wouldn't even want to know the person.
And I didn't even watch the video!


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Feb 25, 2010
You know, this is the kind of shit that ACTUALLY pisses me off. Where the FUCK does she get off treating all those people like that? Not just the employees, but the customers, too.

I work in the food service industry, and I've had to deal with people like that (in fact, I've BEEN that guy behind the counter before, listening to someone completely out of control rant and rave like a moron).

I know this is the internet, and saying "Fuck you" doesn't really hold alot of meaning here, but I DON'T tell people to fuck off, either in-person OR online. So when I tell this woman "Fuck you", I mean it.

Fuck you, you entitled *****. I don't know where exactly in Florida this took place, but I hope I never run into you. You should be fucking ashamed of yourself.


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Aug 16, 2008
What a horrible bint. Didn't they have security they could call on to remove her?

Pretty sure if that happened over here in the UK she'd have been told to fuck off, pure and simple. If the till staff didn't, then sure as hell they would have gone to their shift manager who would probably have asked her to leave.

Then again we don't have that 'customer is always right' mentality that the USA does. Which I guess is why she thinks she has the right mouth off at these poor people, who probably risk their jobs if they chat back.

Not wishing to criticise the US, but it's a pretty unfair deal you have going on there.

Sep 9, 2010
Ya know, having worked retail as cashier the past 5 years, I don't see what people ***** about with customers. My co-workers included.

Customer is angry? Offer to let them speak to a manager. Let the guy making 15 an hour deal with it. Or just let the person continue to make an ass out of themselves.

In this case, the dumb **** shooting the video just shot herself in the foot. She's never going to get a job now.


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Nov 19, 2009
I winced every time she mentioned that this was going on Facebook and Youtube.

It's as if she was constantly saying "Yes, I am being hateful and disrespectful, and I will make sure everyone knows it."


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Sep 19, 2010
I have to commend Abid Adar (the employee) for his fantastic handling of the situation.
That being said, that lady was being really entitled. It's one thing to demand customer satisfaction for a "wronged service" (oh no, a missing receipt), and its another thing to be arrogant about it, cussing and yelling at the employees. Like, at the end, when she started yelling at Abid when he didn't give her her entire package of drinks in one serving. An example of how the customer is not always right--she was just being rude.


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Oct 3, 2009
my friend showed me this, i was pretty amazed that that nice looking old guy didn't say anything to defend the workers. And I feel bad for the filmer's boyfriend, he has to put up with her sociopathic ass


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Jan 19, 2009
Ooh, I encountered one of those kinds of people at my grocery store job!

She got banned from the store.

Here in Canada, customers are usually pretty friendly and almost always polite.
Mar 9, 2010
Johnny Novgorod said:
Great, let's give this aggressive fuck the attention she craves for so much. Too many loonies with an iPhone to keep track out there.
If she's hoping to get a JD in law then any attention this video gets is going to backfire big time when it comes to background checks. Nobody will hire her when this is the first thing that comes up.

OT: Disgusting behaviour. This kind of attitude is unjustifiable, no matter what oversight was made you don't treat other people like this.


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Dec 4, 2012
lacktheknack said:
Ooh, I encountered one of those kinds of people at my grocery store job!

She got banned from the store.

Here in Canada, customers are usually pretty friendly and almost always polite.
Canadians are more polite than Americans? Mind blown.

Though it's not like any other Americans are defending her.
I think she put the video out to try and get sympathy for not getting her receipt. Fun fact, it didn't work.

I am Harbinger

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Dec 2, 2010
Yup. Been there, had to endure that. Not literally of course, but I work a fast food job, so I know the type. Makes me wish I could keep a 9-iron behind the counter...for 'attitude adjustment' purposes.

That or a muzzle. Dear god what I'd give to be allowed to muzzle some of these people. Or some kind of projectile labeling device, so I can shoot a permanent label onto their forehead reading "JACKASS", so everyone else can be forewarned about what they're dealing with.