Criticise your favourite game


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Sep 24, 2010
Legend of Zelda OoT3D. The Master Quest mode is mirrored. After so many years of having Hyrule oriented a certain way, flipping the world made it seem more cramped. Got as far as the Forest Temple and put it down in favor of a three heart run on the original mode.


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Oct 14, 2010
Since I can't decide on one...

Half-life- The ending is far weaker than the rest of the game and revolves around a mechanic obstructively introduced at the last minute. While ambiguous stories can certainly be good, it only really works when it serves to emphasis the main conflict. Half-life, on the other hand, simply leaves everything ultimately unresolved, but incredibly undeveloped.

Silent Hill 2- The story is wonderful, but the "video game sounds" can occasionally detract from the atmosphere. While it possible contains one of the most emotionally charged scenes I've ever seen in a video game, the voice acting is horrendous to point that I'm hesitant to actually show it to anyone. Even on the highest combat difficulty, the game is way too easy, provides way too much ammo, and the monsters can all be easily outran, so it never has a super big sense of danger save a few boss fights. While it's creepy, it never really has the kind of moments in the first game that me stop playing and remind myself that it's only a game.

Fallout- The game presents seeming endless possibilities for completion, but because of the ability of super mutants anyone with better equipment than you to insta-murder you, it means that you only have a handful of actual options for completing the game. While most people would criticize the time limit as being against the spirit of the game, I'd argue that it was a wasted opportunity. It sort of touched on the idea of thorough vs. expedient instead of good vs. evil, but it gave players so much time that running out of it never becomes enough of an issue. Perhaps they could of solved this by allowing the player to fail the main quest without getting a game over, but they didn't. Also, while the game does allow the player to side with the antagonist, it causes a non-standard game over and it's only real build up is poorly done.

Myth: The fallen lords- The narrative structure is interesting, but the game never really goes anywhere with it. There isn't enough dramatic progression to make the main story interesting and the narrator is too underdeveloped to have any character development. There aren't any note worthy twist or turns, nor is there enough foreshadowing to make the narrow victory satisfying. Stuff sort of just happens and people say dramatic things while the narrator describes how hopeless everything is. Furthermore, some of the difficulties present in the game such as the weather or terrain often make success seem like more of a matter of luck than it makes players think of different solutions. Because the game forces you along a path where several events can happen which can only be prevented by chance, the game often comes across more as trial-and-error than strategy. It's also worth noting that the physics engine could have been used to far more interesting effect than it was. Sure, it occasionally effected the odd grenade or arrow, but the fact that people can be killed by the weapons of dead units just screams to be exploited through gameplay.

Deus Ex- Ah yes, even the pinnacle of player choice and immersive simulation has flaws. People walk funny. The player eventually got too powerful to be challenged by anything. The story based player choices had very little consequence to the gameplay. The game stopped caring about the difference between dead and incapacitated after the second mission. There was never enough stuff to buy, but when you did have the chance, stuff would likely cost you all the money you had for a small benefit. Some of the augmentations would never be all that useful unless fully up graded, but never would be because there weren't enough upgrade modules later in the game. Rifles were practically useless without skill investments, but the heavy weapons could be used untrained with almost as much effectiveness. Hacking was literally pressing a button and you only needed a single level of it to make use of 90% of what it was good for. A silenced sniper rifle was so effective and had so much ammo that there was never really any reason to use anything else. With master lever rifles, it also became 100% accurate and could kill anything in one shot that wasn't a bot. Stealth became increasingly useless later in game as it placed the player against enemies that couldn't be snuck past or incapacitated with a prod. Bodies couldn't be dragged unless you had the inventory space to hold all of their worthless stuff. People would become un-alerted again too easy and (save one mission), there were absolutely no consequences for going full rambo and then hiding. The entire game takes place at night, but you character always wears sunglasses...

They have more design decisions that other might call flaws, but they actually enhance the games. With all of that said, I absolutely love them and few things can really compare to them.


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Feb 1, 2009
Jak and Daxter...the times I couldn't grab a ledge because of distance...ugh. I still love them though!

Saints Row 3: You removed a lot of good points from SR2...WHY!

Mass Effect 3: The ending and no comment.

Sean Hollyman

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Jun 24, 2011
The Metal Gear Solid games have extremely long and confusing cutscenes sometimes.

What the fuck was the ending of MGS2? MADE NO SESNE


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Apr 15, 2012
diablo 2.
uniques are too rare, and if you play online now, everyone has everything they need and wont trade. also gets boring quick and finds itself uninstalles frequently.
left for dead 2.
ai for ally survivors is so stupid i kill them at the beginning of the level for amusement and vent frustration.
story wise.
grand theft auto san andreas.
Crash in the beginning threatens C.J with killing a cop. i proceed to kill cops in missions, for fun, and when i enter the station, and yet this is some kind of plot element that Tenpenny holds over C.J. 's head?what?
never explained what the combine are about(unless i missed this) and without half life 3 anywhere, i'm a little annoyed about that.

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Sep 23, 2010
Criticise Persona 4? I would if that were possible, but unfortunately that game is perfection itself so there is no way I could reasonably criticise it...

Though the Ace Attorney games I can criticise. They overuse the "Save at the last minute" thing far too much throughout the series, since comebacks are literally the running theme throughout the series. Though it gets better in Trials with Phoenix actually maturing into a legendary Defence Attorney rather than lucking through everything.

Dat character arc is so good over those three games I could cry.

And Edgeworth throwing Objection!'s about outside the courtroom in Investigations always irritates me slightly.

And Mike Meekins can go suck his own airhorn. If you catch my meaning.

The Wykydtron

"Emotions are very important!"
Sep 23, 2010
Sean Hollyman said:
The Metal Gear Solid games have extremely long and confusing cutscenes sometimes.

What the fuck was the ending of MGS2? MADE NO SESNE
What the fuck was the entirety of MGS2? IT MADE NO SENSE! XD

The problems in the game can be summed up as Rose, Rose, Rose, Raiden, Vamp's Diabolus Ex Machina(s) Rose, Nanomachines and Rose

Did I mention Rose?


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Nov 8, 2010
FF8 (Guess I'll get a lot of shit for that one):

The final boss is kinda introduced towards the end of the game and the draw-system does have it's drawbacks (pun intended). Also Zell is annoying!

Metal Gear Solid:

Kojima could sure use an editor now and then, or atleast think some more of the concept of killing your darlings. Also Raiden is annoying!


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Nov 11, 2009
Daigasso! Band Bros. DX.

The online. The flipping online...
It's not really BAD, because there are tens of thousands of user-made songs to download for free and you can get a hundred. That's not bad, right?
Only, if you get it on an R4 card, you can download as many as you want off websites, many at a time, and put them on and take them off as you please. And they don't have to be approved. The approval process is a real *****, too, because you can't submit a song that's not an approved song on this Japanese media list thing. This means that, in a 1st party Nintendo music game, there's VERY VERY LITTLE Nintendo or other game music. It's almost entirely popular music from Japanese and other cultures.\ Which is immensely sad, because game songs can be the most fun and beautiful.

I mean, it's still a GREAT game, still my favorite game, and still the best music game bar none if you're a band nerd. There's a lot of great songs to play on there, and a lot of ways to play and keep the fun alive for thousands of hours. But it's a crying shame that the online was only so good. It could have been a lot better...


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Jul 14, 2011
Hmm, guess I play Company of Heroes the most, and talk about it the here goes!

1. Oh how I wish I could de-crew vehicles and equipment. Maybe I don't NEED that AT gun or motorcycle anymore Mr. Game. Maybe I want to give them rifles now because I have a much bigger AT gun and the little one was just a temporary solution. (I realize you can apparently do this stuff in Men of War, but that game's micro management makes my head hurt, as well as my inner armchair general. IT IS THE QUARTER MASTER'S JOB AND SQUAD MEMBERS JOBS TO MANAGE AMMO, NOT THE COMMANDERS!)

2. The AI isn't always the smartest, and the pathfinding really needs work on some vehicles. Having to micro-manage a halftrack to avoid driving through all of my carefully place sandbags (and yes, it will find a way to get all of them) is annoying.


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Jun 17, 2009
Deus ex looks like shit.
Baldurs gate 2 has issues with my giant monitor (if the resolution is too low it looks like shit if it is too high it fucks up the interface)
Tf2 has too many hats and some of the newer weapons are questionable
Shogun 2 and civ 5 both hate my hardware and take forever to load


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Jan 25, 2011
Fallout: New Vegas crashes just a little bit too often for me to fully excuse.
Oh, and the Boomer quests suck. A lot.


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Apr 8, 2009
Zelda: OoT - 'Hey Listen'. Need I say more?
Zelda: MM - Could have used another temple or two.
KOTOR - Bit glitchy and would be amazing if they updated it with HD graphics (similar to Mass Effect)
Banjo Kazooie/Tooie - Could also do with HD graphics
Banjo Threeie - WHERE ARE YOU!!! (Nuts & Bolts does not count)


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Nov 26, 2008
neonsword13-ops said:
hazabaza1 said:
Persona 4- The intro sequence is too fucking long.
I mean jesus, seriously.
It takes an hour at best to get to the first battle, but at least it isn't as tedious and dull as Twilight Princess' intro.

But if you ask me, waiting an hour to battle and to see the awakening is totally worth it.

Well even so, there's about another hour afterwards of doing other non-interesting stuff.
I think once you get Chie in your party the game really opens up. It's worth all the wait, certainly, but it does get a bit too much at times.


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Apr 17, 2012
Planescape: Torment has some pretty ordinary combat and a crummy UI. Some of the later areas seem a little rushed as well.

Alpha Centauri has some truly dreadful AI, is poorly balanced, rewards the hell out of REXing and gets sucked into a technological singularity from the midgame on.

System Shock 2 has aged atrociously badly, and the weapon degradation was pretty awful right from the start

Monkey Island 2 had that metronome/monkey wrench puzzle

Psychonauts had the Meat Circus

The Witcher 2 has often frustrating combat, starts hard then gets easier, and has a dreadful potion system for the sake of being true to some obscure Polish books.

Dwarf Fortress is a godawful mess of every ludicrously inconsequential bit of pointless minutiae he could think of thrown in with no concern for gameplay or balance, riddled with bugs and dreadful optimisation that will bring the most powerful computer to its knees, all wrapped up in what is undoubtedly the worst user interface this side of Skyrim.


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Jul 8, 2009
Kirby Super Star Ultra, too easy. I know that Kirby games have always been easy, and that you can unlock more 'difficult' game scenarios and a harder Arena mode, but most of it is still easy. Although that may be because I played it far too much...

RedBird said:
The Darkness 2: Way too short
This as well, I beat it in just under 5 hours, and I'm never one to finish a game in a single sitting...


Jan 4, 2010
United States
Caramel Frappe said:
Fappy said:
NES - Super Mario Bros. uses the same gag (your Princess is in another castle) 7 times! WTF!?
SNES - Chrono Trigger has one of the stupidest looking final bosses ever.
N64 - Ocarina of Time has the water temple. Nuff' said.
Xbox- Morrowind has incredibly shitty combat.
360 - Mass Effect 1 has incredibly shitty combat.
Every time I come across your name, it automatically makes me think 'Frappe' but your name is Fappy >_> ... Why must you have a name that sparks a similarity to mine?! (lol not in the least upset about it. Then again, I wasn't lying when I said your name does make me think to my username off the bat.)

OT: Dead Space: Isaac isn't fully developed enough as a character to feel sorry for. *SPOILER ALERT* His girlfriend, Nicole.. was already dead to begin with. Yet, because there was no real depth to their relationship nor ever showed Isaac talking.. I wasn't all that surprised near the end. Still, I must admit I feel bad for the dude. Oh and Dead Space loses it's touch on being scary over half way through.

Dead Space 2: It doesn't feel as neat as the first game, but I enjoyed this one more. The annoying 'engineer' chores have been cleared out and there's way more variety of enemies to kill off and fight against. Also, Isaac gets a face and voice- W00T! As for the criticizing, I really have to say that the fear in this game really goes out within a few Chapters. Least in Dead Space 1, they tried keeping the atmosphere dim and grim, with new surprises lurking. In this one, monsters just pop out or run at you... not really going to keep scaring me if I am used to that. Worst part is that Dead Space 2's ending was... silly. *SPOILER ALERT* final boss was the Marker invading his mind, using Nicole as a boss who slowly walks towards you. Would of been cool if all the dark shadowed enemies were all the different forms of necromorphs.. yet they merely just used the 'kid necromorphs' and lazily colored them over. Not very epic, nor that engaging with the final showdown. Still, loved both games to death. The plot and course of fighting is what got me hooked.
We have similar names because..... I am really you! Dadadaaaa!