Dating and Strength Differences


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Jan 17, 2010
It's not so much a societal norm as it is basic biology. Think about it this way: Our not-so-distant forefathers that lived in caves and looked suspiciously like Danny Devito had the following dynamic: Men could just hook up with a cave girl and be ready to go again a few minutes later. Girls on the other hand are potentially stuck with a baby for months, plus however it takes to raise the little brat. Hence we have developed a preference for guys that would make good mates. And that means dudes that can make fire, hunt the mammoth and defend the tribe with spear. "Aggressive" maybe isn't the perfect word, though a certain kind of..combativeness was of course useful and plays into it. "Assertive" is the term I would use.

Evolution, baby!

That's the vastly general rule, anyway. Notice how all the douchebags get the high-value amazingly hot, fun and interesting girlfriends? That's mostly because they are assertive, cocky and confident and a row of other ticked boxes that check the "good partner" mechanism in our girly brains. Use this knoweldge!