Dead Head Fred Soundtrack Available Via iTunes

Andy Chalk

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Nov 12, 2002
Dead Head Fred Soundtrack Available Via iTunes

The Dead Head Fred original soundtrack is now available for purchase at the Apple iTunes music store [].

Composed by Rod Abernethy and Jason Graves of Renote Audio [], the Dead Head Fred soundtrack is nearly 40 minutes long, featuring a blend of cinematic orchestrations with jazz, southwestern guitar, ambient, rock fusion and other styles into "a cohesive and alluring listening experience." Abernethy and Graves are music industry veterans who have composed for television and movies as well as videogames such as Blacksite: Area 51, Transformers, Star Trek: Legacy, Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows, Rise of the Kasai and more.

"Growing up, I thought I'd have to get a "real job" eventually. So far, that hasn't happened yet!" Graves said in a recent Escapist interview []. He also compared his work in videogames favorably to television and film, saying, "I must say it's a lot more satisfying working on games. You have a lot more creative freedom."

"When we went to Rednote Audio we already knew a lot about Dead Head Fred and Hope Falls but we didn't know what Fred's world sounded like," said Adam Cogan, a designer at Dead Head Fred developer Vicious Cycle Software []. "Luckily, Rod Abernethy and Jason Graves at Rednote Audio did. They far exceeded our expectations and managed to create scores that are every bit as original and distinctive as Fred is."

Mark Reis, Senior Sound Designer at Vicious Cycle, added, "Working with Rod and Jason is always a joy and their contribution to Dead Head Fred added flavor and depth that complemented the sound design and voice acting. The edgy soundtrack is a perfect accompaniment to the twisted noir world of Dead Head Fred."

Released in 2007 exclusively for the PSP, the game tells the story of a private eye who finds himself resurrected from death by a mysterious scientific experiment - minus his head. Set in a 1940s-inspired alternate "twisted noir" universe, the player must guide an amnesiac Fred on a quest to solve a mystery, gain revenge and figure out what happened to his head.

Russ Pitts had the opportunity to speak with Vicious Cycle President Eric Peterson in an [].