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Apr 14, 2013
Location - We have alligators in the river of the nearby park.

People - Way too diverse to accurately describe. The only constant is that everyone is a drunk.

Sports - Only one team is not certifiably shit. There's very few real fans of the local teams. Most seem to root for either Chicago or Detroit.

Traffic - It feels awful, but we're statistically better than most cities our size. The lights are horribly set up and timed. For a time, there were daily occurrences of people driving on the wrong side of the interstate.

Summer - Hot and humid. Rains every day. The beach and gator infested rivers are nice, though.

Winter - Temperate days, cold nights. The rain is mostly gone.

Activities - Lots of bars, plenty of activities in downtown, sports year round, and a theme park. I'd say we're good.

Food - We're better at bringing together all the popular things of other cities and countries than making our own. Indian, Middle Eastern, and deli food are probably the most common. There's also excellent German and Irish pubs nearby. A local grill/BBQ place makes gator bites that put most other meat to shame.

Overall, I like the area, but I'll try to get a job close to family after university, though, so that I can use their house to keep living expenses down while I try to get set financially.


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Mar 16, 2012
People- Some hardworking folks but a huge amount of people running off their parent's bank accounts. Generally rude everywhere and terrible drivers. You do meet a wide variety of people here which can be a curse. People love their fucking malls over here, it's annoying.

Traffic - Worst in the entire country.

Summer - Every day of the year.

Winter - Never heard of it.

Biggest Pro - Haven't been mugged in a while.

Biggest Con - Top 10 most violent in the country/Top 50 in the world. Two houses in my street were robbed this week.


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Apr 3, 2020
I live somewhere in England.

People - Large range of wealth brackets, and a fair number of immigrants from around the world, but working class locals are still the bulk. Generally loud and friendly, especially on match day after a win. On a match day after a loss, the violence begins, as it does every Friday night in the areas notable for drinking.

Traffic - Pretty well managed, largely because we have good public transport and plenty of parking.

Summer - Two or three weeks of blistering heat per year.

Winter - Cool but not extremely cold. Snow is occasional and brings everything to a grinding halt when it arrives.

Biggest pro - It's just the right size, so you can walk about the centre very easily, and there's always something going on, especially at the monument.

Biggest con - What happens when people go drinking.

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May 1, 2020
Location - Santa Cruz, California

People - Massive hipsters, nice and friendly but if you ever go out for a meal make sure you are going to a place where the food is organic, vegan, local, non profit, obscure, family owned etc etc. Everyone is in amazing shape because they all surf a lot.

Sports - a mix of the warriors basketball team and the giants. I dunno, I like the basketball but I tend to stick to watching English football, in particular Liverpool.

Traffic - between the hours of 3 and 6pm the traffic is awful. it takes me 15 minutes to get to work in the morning at 6am in the morning, it can take an hour and a half coming home during rush hour. weekends is just as bad, being a costal town famous for surfing, everyone decides to come over for a weekend getaway. The hipster locals refer to them as 'out of towners' and frown on them because they congest the roads and don't pick up their rubbish when leaving the beach.

Summer - Hot

Winter - warm. although my friends complain that it's cold which baffles me because I still wear shorts and t-shirt.

Activities - surfing, relaxing on the beach, hiking in the red wood forests, going to restaurants and bars, the local pier/boardwalk that has rollercoasters.

Food - typical American and mexican food with some hipster vegan places about, selling stuff like 'fakin bacon'. some excellent craft breweries around too.

Biggest pro - it's a great place to live and work, everyone is friendly. amazing sunsets.

Biggest con - housing is at a premium, I have seen rooms going for $1500 here. Even if you can afford an apartment, the landlords/real estate people will ask you earn 3 times the amount of the rent!!

It's an awesome place to live, always stuff going on and as someone who grew up in a cold and wet country I love that it's hot and sunny everyday.


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Aug 31, 2009
I live in the American South-East...Oh boy:

People - Come as you are because the people here are generally friendly...until you turn around in which case you can literally go Fuck yourself. There are good people around here but for every one good person there are 15+ who can't wait for you to leave the room before they start talking shit.

Traffic - 70% of motorists drive large trucks and of them, about 60% drive like...they're driving a truck (if you know what I mean). There's not a lot of density unless you're trying to go out during one of the rush times (lunch, dinner, church, etc). Other than that traffic is fairly light and the area is too poor for speed and traffic-light cameras. Which means that cops lie in wait for speeders like assholes.

Summer - Fire (well, humidity...very wet, very uncomfortable heat)

Winter - Ice

Pros - If you hate people and want to live among nature, fine come and live here. If you're one of those mutants who prefer College Football to the NFL, you'll be more than welcome. Cost of Living is allegedly cheaper here...allegedly.

Cons - You are literally miles away from any decent grocery stores, fast food, etc...The people can be awful and summer is Hell (it also lasts a long time).

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Apr 3, 2020
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People- There was a shooting four doors down from me about a couple of years ago. Kind of on the extreme end, but yeah, this isn't the nicest neighborhood. I keep to myself.

Traffic- Some idiot decided to have a major Interstate from the state capital let out into a pair of two-lane residential roads. From 3 to 7 PM on any weekday nearly every major road in the area is jammed. Ten-minute drives take thirty minutes.

Summer- Warm. Not unseasonably so. My air conditioner can handle it.

Winter- Not terrible, but we get a lot of freezing and roads covered in ice. Consequently, I've had to replace my car twice in three years thanks to undercarriage rust because of the craptacular road salt they liberally dump everywhere.

Pros- Rent's cheap.

Cons- All the reasons why rent's cheap.


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Aug 13, 2016
Location - I reside in Gloucester, VA - a little blip of nothing on the eastern peninsula of Virginia, about an hour to 3 hours away from anything relevant and/or fun. The two most notable landmarks within that time frame are Richmond (1 hour - the state's capitol) and Virginia Beach (roughly 2 hours - the main tourist attraction) so clearly I live in the fucking sticks. And by sticks I mean I see deer on the roads constantly and I'm not even phased. You can always tell who's not from the area by how they react to all the deer that they have to swerve around. Crime is getting increasingly bad, with many robberies and shootings that occur on a frequent basis. Virtually everyone who isn't on the low-income spectrum commute out of town for work, my father among them.

People - Probably some of the most racist, ignorant, dirty, selfish, and drunk individuals you will ever encounter. Since there is literally nothing to do in this rubbish heap of a place, most folks just turn to drugs and alcohol for entertainment. Almost all of them start down this path when they are barely out of middle school. Since it is a rural area, all there is to do is hunt and fish, so there are a lot of commercial watermen, but that's really the only cash crop of sorts the area has. Outside of that, there really is no opportunity to congregate and socialize at all. Everybody here thinks they are G-Eazy, or some other wannabe gangster archetype, so that's really fucking annoying. Also, this is the area where the transgender person who got on MTV about the bathroom is from, and I'm pretty sure that South Park episode was a parody of that situation. I don't really follow that kind of thing, so I don't know how many of those kinds of instances there were, but I'm fairly certain that it all stemmed right here. Apparently that person didn't even care about their rights as much as wanting enough settlement money to buy a new car...

Traffic - Holy cow people are stupid here. So stupid that VDOT (Virginia Department of Transportation - obvious acronym is obvious) has to constantly modify medians and traffic circles in order to accommodate this new ascended level of stupidity. Everyone has a stupid lifted truck, even the girls, even though they just guzzle gas and run other people off the road. Since it is so rural, a lot of the roads are not hard surface outside of the main highway, and are mostly hazardous to anyone not driving a monster truck through the woods.

Summer - To get a taste of our summer here, I would say go run on a treadmill inside of a sauna with full snowboarding gear on, but I still think you would be more comfortable than we are.

Winter - Quite the inverse, and not as threatening. If anything, it can be rather beautiful for a spell when it actually does snow, but that is very rare. It just gets blistering cold. However, it all goes south really fast because folks freak the fuck out when an inch of snow hits the ground, and all those stupid trucks I mentioned usually end up on top of each other.

Biggest Pro - My only saving grace is the comic book store. It houses a small rag tag group of gamers, card players, and's a haven for our kind. A lot of really rare stuff in there, plus the owner has two other stores in neighboring towns, so there isn't much that he can't get his hands on. Unfortunately, given the demographic, many people disregard or belittle the business. The loyalist keep things afloat, though, so I'm thankful that such a place exists.

Biggest Con - There is virtually no job opportunity whatsoever here. If you're not somebody's cousin then you're not going to get a job even flipping burgers. Managers will lie to your face about employment opportunities just so they can get their friend's son/daughter/lazy-family-relative-who-is-no-where-near-as-qualified a job before they'll even sit down and talk with you.


Apr 4, 2020
People- Most of the ones I've met are pretty cool. I'm not aware of any gangs or some such that go around town doing shit.

Traffic- Usually not too bad. We have our fair share of idiots who should have never been given a license, but it usually isn't too bad. There are also like only three or four spots you should really try to avoid during the rush hours, but even they aren't too bad unless someone's car decides to break down.

Summer- Usually doesn't get too hot, but can get humid as fuck around this time of year.

Winter- Can get cold, but we almost never see snow before the end of January.

Biggest Pro- It tends to be pretty calm and there are a lot of great neighborhoods to be in.

Biggest Con- As far as I know there is basically jack shit to do. We have a fair number of places to shop, one theater(which is pretty expensive even if you're going by yourself and only get like a small popcorn and drink), and that's it. There might be some other places to go to that I'm unaware of because I'm a social hermit, but even those might depend entirely on what your interests are. Also, if you like taking walks I hope you like hills, because the whole city sits on top of a shite ton of them and there is very little that is even close to flat.

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Mar 13, 2015
I live in montreal Quebec.

People: there is a lot of diversity in montreal. People of many different cultures and backgrounds. It's a real cultural melting pot. There is a lot of tension between english and french speakers here.

Traffic. Diving in montreal i the worst. Accidents on the bridges daily, driving downtown is a nightmare and god forbid you try to find parking.

Summer: its really hot and humid. Completely unenjoyable. There is barely any wind to cool you down.

Winter: winter is nice. The snow is beautiful, the houses are all lit up with lights. It can get very cold but it's more tolerable than the summer heat in my opinion.

Biggest pro: There is always something to do. Be i festivals in the summer or activities in the winter, people who find montreal boring are people who have no idea how to have fun.

Biggest con: The Quebec population are a bunch of racist hypocrits. The further you get from downtown montreal the worst it is. I flat refuse to visit outside montreal. If you aren't a white french speaking person, they dislike you. It's not supprising to hear people talk badly about those of different religions and races casually on the bus , metro, in stores. It's always black people this, chinese people that ( for all asian ethnicities), arab people this, hindu people that...etc. It is really quite disgusting.


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Nov 24, 2012
I had this whole post typed up and my network crapped out. Says something about where I live doesn't it?
Location- Forest near a major tourist destination in lake country

People- some of the reddest rednecks you'll ever meet. Racist, tribal, yet kind and folksy. Both passive and outwardly aggressive, depending upon the discussion. We don't have locks. We don't need them because everybody is armed! I myself am a progressive liberal and atheist. Have you ever been in a room where you didn't think, but knew without a doubt that you were the smartest person in the room? Multiply that by about 6 million.

Traffic- Depends on the time of year. I live somewhat adjacent to a major tourist hub so if you're going out in the summer, there are places to go but expect long waits. In the winter, it's quiet and desolate. This makes the job market very interesting, lots of ebbs and tides.

Summer- Humid. Very humid. Temps top out around 100-105 in August with heat ratios topping out at 115-120. Actual temp at my work at the time? 120. Heat ratio at easily 100% humidity? No f***ing clue. Hence why I no longer work there.

Winter- Not too cold. Lots of sleet, not much snow. I'd like there to be more snow so maybe one day I can complete that Arthas sculpt I attempted one year.

Biggest pro Mother nature in all her glory. I like to say that when I played TES: Oblivion, it made me want to go outside, but when I went outside there was the undeniable urge to play Oblivion, because they look exactly the same. Our neighbor has a herd of deer that regularly congregate on his front lawn, at least a dozen at last count. I say neighbor but he lives roughly a mile from here. Wild boars and turkeys litter our property. Our water comes from a well, not chloronated, that runs under our land and down a crack in the mountain behind our house. Were I an entrepreneur, I would start my own bottling company and make millions.

Biggest Con Isolation can create tribalism and breed every negative that goes along with it. Some are openly prejudiced, racist backwards thinkers. Lots of areas are complete deadzones, with no phone signals in or out - you can be within sight of several cell towers but not receive signal from any of them. Opiate addiction is alive and well and people will burn each others' houses down attempting to fund their fix. I've seen it happen. We had a pontoon - had - until it was dismantled and sold for scrap.

Sep 9, 2010
Ahhhh Long Island, NY....

People- Mix of middle class working families that are slowly being phased out by rich people.

Traffic - It's only bad at certain times of the day. They're finally stretching out a major highway though, so that should help things.

Summer - Not bad.

Winter - It's a temperate region so it gets cold as shit, and motherfuck help us if it's a blizzard or a hurricane.

Biggest Pro - Well I don't really worry about getting stabbed. Even the most ghetto parts of the LI are still pretty decent... gets worse the closer you get to Queens though, but I ain't in that end.

Biggest Con - Fucking property taxes, the majority of which is school taxes. Anytime someone tells me teachers don't get paid enough in this country I want to slap them in their fucking mouth. And worse yet? The budget keeps going up every year. even when we managed to vote it down, they just make a new vote and then is passes.

And I went through that school system, it's nothing to brag about.... so yeah, fuck public schools and teachers.
Feb 7, 2016
People- Meth, "racially diverse", in denial
Traffic- Okay, except during the towns many crappy street festivals. It's on the way to Gettysburg as a forgotten landmark town, so no one gives a crap.
Summer- Pretty hot mostly. Not much nearby to cool off with either except in a nearby state park pool.
Winter- fucking dead, just how I like it.
Pro- I mean...we have a fountain in the middle.
Con- it's a shitty, beaten, forgotten town that was funded decades ago during a time where it was a relevant pass-through town to Gettysburg. Now it's home to tons of poor projects and has recently become the victim for drug transport.

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May 17, 2011
People: Surrounded by wanna be 90210 spoiled, entitled, evangelical, Trump supporting Affluenza sufferers. They have KKK and Neo Nazi Rallies here.
Traffic: People think they are above the law so numerous accidents and traffic back ups due to people thinking the traffic laws do not apply to them.
Summer: You will literally die without air conditioning here. Sometimes gets over 44.4C here.
Winter: Rarely ever snows Sometimes can go jet skiing on Christmas.
Biggest Con: High cost of living here, People are probably the worst factor though. People are ignorant of world events, Racist, sexist, and are proud to behave like snobs, very judgmental and tell people they are going to go to hell and are sinners. Had two women come to my door and tell me my garden gnome was the work of the devil. Had a salesman come to the door and tell racist jokes before I close the door in his face. Men often behave as though no one has a right to tell them no and they will respond violently and forcefully when you do.
Biggest Pro: Since it doesn't snow often here, you can usually do outdoor activities most of the year. Is a suburb on the outskirts of a major metropolitan area so at least you can go to the city to get away from the rednecks.
Mar 26, 2008
The "World's most livable city" apparently.

Actually I live in a suburb about 45min south-east of Melbourne.

People- Well with my suburb it used to be more rural and full of lower-middle class blue collar workers, however due to a recent boom in affordable housing it is now the fastest growing suburb in Australia. So the demographic is changing dramatically with lots of migrants moving in, mainly from India. So far things are humming along reasonably harmoniously which is good.

Traffic - It used to be pretty free and easy, but with the fore-mentioned housing boom it's getting pretty hectic. With only one main arterial leading out it can get stupidly clogged.

Summer - Ah Victoria, don't ever change. It's semi-unpredictable, with cold 13 degree mornings heating up to a sweltering, dry 35+. It could be boiling in the morning and then pour down rain in the space of a few hours. Average temp is a lovely 27 degrees

Winter - Again, unpredictable. You're most likely to cop a lot of rain, but then you never know. Except for the mountain regions the temperature never drops below 0.

Biggest Pro - Lots of new people means lots of new infrastructure, shops and entertainment venues. As a home owner it's great for me because my house is now worth over double what I paid for it.

Biggest Con - It's still got a bad stigma. People from this suburb were usually the butt of jokes about poor education, culture and criminality. It's funny because since moving there 11 years ago I haven't come across any of that stereotype. I was born and raised in the more affluent bayside suburbs.


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May 28, 2011
Imagine a stereotypical second world country? Imagined yet? good. we can proceed.

People- There is a comic somewhere online that claims Grumpy cat would feel right at home here. That comic is correct. People complain. about everything. From weather (regardless of what it is) to politics. Despite being one of the fastest growing countries around everyone is thieves and everything is bad. People want first world country 20 years after soviet union collapse and want to skip the actual work for it part.

Traffic- Average age of a car here is 15 years old, and the roads are not well kept. So traffic is meh. If you want to experience road rage - follow the rules. Noone else does so they are all going to rage at you.

Summer- Tens to fluctuate between 15C and 35C a lot. Also rains a lot.

Winter- When it gets cold, it gets cold, down to -30C. but most of winter time is fluctuating between 5C and -5C which means its absolutely worst possible situation for infrastructure. Hey at least spring floods are not that bad.

Biggest Pro- European Union membership has forced our politicians to do basic things that pushes our country forward.

Biggest Con- Our Geographical location and stubborness lead to horrible geopolitical situation.


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Aug 29, 2011
Alright-y, here coming at you from Cali of the United States of America.

People - Mostly middle class, some low and high class sprinkled around here and there. Mostly peaceful; it used to be a lot worse, but has since calmed down significantly. Very diverse and people are generally kind, truthful, and generous.

Traffic - Mostly non-existent, except during school mornings and afternoons, as there are several schools in our district. Also, the occasional construction work, as our city has been massively expanding and renovating in the last decade.

Summer - Mostly hot, but due to being in perpetual spring, can vary from humid to blazing hot. There are several services, facilities, and activities for people to stay cool and be out and about. If all else fails, the ocean is only 15-20 minutes away.

Winter - A few showers here and there, nothing major in terms of rainfall. Again, perpetual spring, so we'll have some warm, sunny days, some insanely cold ones, and some pleasantly wet ones.

Biggest Pro - Lots of parks, facilities, services, and activities. We are also tied to most of the major freeways, so you can get to anywhere you want to in Southern California from our city.

Biggest Con - Relatively small and missing a few staples (no mall, gym, larger retailers, etc.).

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Jul 10, 2011
Location ~ Northern sweden near finland

People ~ Naive, pagan

Traffic ~ Yes?

Summer ~ It has rained unusually much lately, normally very dry, i have never been too hot
Winter ~ Is coming fast, and with it comes the abyss above
Biggest Pro ~ The unending forest to hide in

Biggest Con ~ Cold rips your lungs bloody

Music ~