Destiny's Grand-Scale Comet Expansion Could Land In 2015


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Feb 17, 2011
Destiny's Grand-Scale Comet Expansion Could Land In 2015

An allegedly leaked Destiny image from Bungie teases a new location, missions, and the biggest story expansion yet.

Destiny is clearly a game Bungie has long-term plans for, but the exact nature of how that will unfold isn't entirely clear. If an allegedly leaked picture from an internal meeting is anything to go on, we can see how the game might get much bigger. Outside of the already announced small-scale expansions ("The Dark Below" and "House of Wolves"), Destiny may be getting a huge expansion called "Comet: Plague of Darkness" in 2015 that adds a new stellar body to the system map. Three guesses what kind of object it is.

Compared to "The Dark Below", Destiny's comet expansion seems to be a significantly larger release. The slide (which is admittedly blurry) hints at 12 story missions, 4 strikes, a raid, and 6 PvP maps. More significant is that it expands the core game's universe with a new environment. The title leaves little to the imagination: A Darkness occupied comet will enter the solar system, prompting the Guardians to scramble and defeat the incoming threat. The image also states that two smaller DLC packs will follow the comet: Vex Void and Forge of Gods.

Bungie had previously planned for one major comet expansion with each Destiny game. If "Plague of Darkness" is real, that means it may be the first of Destiny's four comets, which matches Destiny's original timeframe: Comet 1 was to launch in 2015, with additional comets arriving every two years - alongside sequels - until 2021.

Large-scale comet expansions interspersed with small-scale mission packs would be an interesting way to keep Destiny alive over the next decade, but that depends on how many sequels Bungie plans to develop. The core game was already criticized for its limited scope within a $60 price tag, and paying additional amounts for every expansion and sequel could sour Destiny's fans over the long-term. Either way, if "Plague of Darkness" and its 2015 release date are accurate, we should have a better picture of what's arriving fairly soon.

Source: Forbes



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Apr 4, 2020
From what I actually played of Destiny, I actually really enjoyed it; hell, I enjoyed it enough to be excited for any potential PC port. That being said though, pretty much all of the issues were valid ones (especially those concerning the story, or lack thereof), and I just hope that they address this in the future DLC and expansion content, because Destiny could be a great game, it is just really having problems recognising that potential, at least when it comes to the singleplayer "questing". That being said though, would it really be possible to suddenly change the way they do storytelling without it being completely jarring? Because lets be honest, nobody really cares about the grimoire crap that they are trying to push, but to suddenly go from no in-game story to lots of in-game story would be a pretty weird thing to go through, especially in the space of one expansion.


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May 13, 2013
AndrewC said:
"And here's all the content that was in the game beforehand!"

To think that any game developer with episodic content doesn't pre-develop content is, to be blunt, stupid. It's not a controversy to find unreleased content on a disc. IT's a smart move for developers and keep them from having to release huge content patches.


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Feb 22, 2011
"biggest story expansion" aka, about 2 minutes of people hinting of a story, but never actually delivering on it. I hear if you line up all the cut scenes from all 60 expansions, you could make a whole hour long film out of Destiny.


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Nov 26, 2008
Great, now maybe I'll feel like I have a full game. Asshats (Bungie knows what they did wrong).


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Dec 6, 2010
Is it still an MMO? If that answer is yes I am not going back to play it. It could have had a good game but it wasn't. No amount of DLC is going to get me to come back.