Destroy the above pokemon with your pokemon


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Jan 4, 2008
So, I've been grinding through the Battle Subway in Pokemon Black and I'll often go through regular Single Train just as an easy way to rack up BP. My Chandelure tears through these trains because it is powerful, fast, and has some impressive type coverage that is prepared for most of what Single Train can throw at me. Of course, I realize that the whole nature of the Pokemon games is that every pokemon has its foil, but I did not realize that badass Chandelure would almost ALWAYS be destroyed by... Roggenrolla. No, not just its evolutions, but Roggenrolla, the tiny little unevolved pebble. No, the mere sight of a Roggenrolla (or its evolutions, for that matter) cause me to send my Chandelure fleeing for cover, because the new version of Sturdy makes it impossible to OHKO, and it will always Stone Edge me for the instant kill. Yep, fully evolved Chandelure is the ***** of unevolved Roggenrolla.

Ok, so I came up with this game. I'll name off a random pokemon, and the next poster names a pokemon that can really fuck it up, and then the next poster names one that will really fuck THAT one up, etc.

For examples like Gyarados or most Dragon types, please refrain from a generic answer like "Any electric pokemon" or "any pokemon with an ice attack." Name names!

Ok, so a random pick for the first pokemon has drawn: