Disney Favorites Become Warrior Princesses in Stunning Fan Art


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Nov 6, 2008
I don't think anyone is really taking up an issue with your art- I think the main problem is how it and a million other examples of 'Disney Princesses as X' have been put up as news articles on a website about gaming.

THAT is what people are sick of. Not so much the art itself.


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Jun 6, 2008
Getting nitpicky, why does Peter Pan have a pair of axes? It looks good and all, but he's already a swordsman.

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Mar 24, 2012
Unlike other posters, I do enjoy these sorts of posts. But if the Escapist is going to post them... can they at least caption them? And set up the sort of slide show that can be easily browsed through for smaller resolutions? It's bloody annoying to have to scroll down for half of the pictures to hit the "Next" because one is huge, the next is medium and the next two are somewhere between, followed by a small one?
calvinloveinternet said:
Okay so just a few quick things. Hi, I'm the original artist of the above drawings. Just wanna say that I had no idea I was featured on here or the Mary Sue so I can assure you that I wasn't being "plugged" here. I also felt the need to respond to some of the very valid comments made.

So first things first I drew almost all of these 3+ years ago. So yes I agree with a lot of the comments here. They don't look like their source counterparts. I did go wild with a lot of design decisions that are terrible. I do realize the "Disney Princesses as X" thing is tiresome (but in my defense it was pretty cool three years ago right?). I would never in my right mind call them "stunning". Hell, I wouldn't even call my drawings now, "stunning". This Disney Re-imagining project was my first foray into digital art, so if it looks like low-end DeviantArt fan art its because it is totally 100% low-end DeviantArt fan art. I had been sketching stuff my whole life and apparently thought this would be a good time to start to learn how to color.

Basically, what I'm trying to say here is yes, I totally agree with what you guys are saying and I guess Im kind of apologizing for the mess I've made three years ago. I never really intended on this project to be seen by a lot of people. I'd like to think I've improved from this but that might be stretching it. I'm just a guy who draws for his hobby.

But thanks for everyone's input and if you have any questions or want to yell at me for my poor design choices (I totally regret that Queen of Hearts (among other things). If I could take it back I would) just lemme know!
As for the art itself, the only two that I have constructive criticisms for are for Ursula and the Red Queen. In the Disney cartoons they were both big women - not obese women but big women. Making them into big warriors would have been a way to keep true to the characters while not succumbing to the urge to Supermodel all female characters, good or evil. I could totally see the Red Queen having a hammer that looked like a nightmare version of a croquet mallet which would make the Beast stand back and say "This... is going to take some thought." And for Ursula, I would avoid giving her feet entirely while making her seem to be enormous. Something like giving her a spear that almost like a toy in her hand that she is wearing on her back like an afterthought... but it's not a small spear - she's just that big.

The rest are interesting, and seeing someone riding a deer as a war steed is nice. Some look like works in progress, not final versions (Peter Pan in particular), but conceptually I like them. Some I don't recognize (or may not recognize - the ice princess, the first guy, the princess riding what I somewhat assume to be Bambi) so I don't quite have an opinion on their designs. Most of the rest are in like with how I see the characters and while they may not push the envelope, they fill it out well enough.

The only one that really stands out as being different than I would have expected is Alice - at least I assume it's Alice, with the rabbit, the clock, the blond hair and general blue and white wardrobe. I would have expected a bladed weapon, not a firearm. I like the take on her.


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Dec 5, 2013
"Next week on the Escapist, see the Amazing Fan Art of Fantastic Disney Princess as Disney Princes as Zombies as Vikings as Ponies as Satsuma Rebellion Samurai as Oranges as Disney Princesses!"


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Aug 22, 2010
I've seen a few of Elsa on dA that looked ten times more badass than she does here. Also, you loose the right to call it sensible when Aerial has a bare midriff. And you do not need to make Mulan badass; she spent that movie proving she was already a warrior and needs no help from you.


Oct 28, 2013
Don't get me wrong, I like the art style and I definitely think these are better than I could do with my current skills, but I wouldn't honestly call them "stunning". I guess they're not really there yet. There are a few people on The Escapist who could probably produce even better art. Some more activity in the background wouldn't have gone amiss. This is still good stuff, though.

EDIT: They were from several years ago. I looked at his page and a lot of the stuff there is preeetty impressive. I like the design of the spell that Elsa is holding.