Do you find the Walmart cheer endearing, creepy or annoying?


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Mar 29, 2011
I remember when they tried to get the night shift people to do that. I, and a few others just walked away to start work. We were asked to come back but I refused saying that it had nothing to do with my job. They probably could have written me up for that but I don't think anyone wanted be the person punishing an employee for doing there job.

Man, that was like 12 years ago. Been a while since I thought about when I worked there.


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Apr 5, 2020
Personally i find it creepy. But i am German and stuff like this is why Walmart failed hard in Germany. We also found the greeters creepy.

PsychedelicDiamond said:
This is why we need socialism.
No. No. No.

Never again stupid "voluntary" marches to celebrate the worker utopia and "voluntary" weekend activities with your collegues to build team spirit and prove that you are a good socialist who does not want anything more than do stuff with your fellow workers.