Do you play games you don't enjoy?


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Jun 2, 2011
I trudged through the first Guild Wars when my step father played it. He was obsessed with it for a while, and was disappointed that it was the one game I didn't like to play. Up until that point we'd both play hours of Diablo 2, Dark Alliance 1 and 2, and Borderlands together. But when it came to Guild Wards, I was as bored as I was with World of Warcraft (which if my girlfriend keeps being so persistent I might have to indulge her by playing it too).

But I played it anyway, on a crappy computer that could barely manage 15 FPS on some of the lowest settings. That probably didn't help my experience any. I think I kept trying because I could relate to having a game you REALLY like but none of your friends do. *cough* Titanfall *cough*


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Mar 6, 2012
I finished the first two silent hill games. I'm glad that I played them but I'm unsure that I would ever do so again. While they were interesting and rewarding to play, I don't think I would call them 'fun' in the conventional sense.


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Sep 24, 2010
As a console gamer growing up I used to because of a lack of options or anything else better to do.

As a PC gamer with a steam backlog there's no reason to bother anymore. I had some bad first impressions with Dragon Age Inquisition and rather than force myself through the Hinterlands I went on to play other games (The Banner Saga and now last Dream).

Until I run out of backlog I see no reason to revisit a game that's not truly fun.


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Aug 31, 2009
I've done it before and I'll likely do it again. The three most recent games I've played that I didn't enjoy were Final Fantasy XIII, Skyward Sword and, Metal Gear Solid 4. Of those, I can see myself enjoying MGS4 once I finally realize that I don't get a trophy for watching all of the Codex scenes. I liked the other Metal Gear titles anyway but the cutscenes and codex scenes just break up the action so frequently. Then there were Skyward Sword and Final Fantasy XIII. I played those two purely out of spite because dammit, I would NOT let those games beat me. I eventually found enjoyment in FFXIII when it came to weapon crafting and watching youtube videos while grinding in that first cave outside of the one wide-open area. When it came to Skyward Sword though, I felt like the game was just fighting me every time I tried doing the most basic thing. If I could have just used an actual controller, I would have been able to play the game. I'm having a similar problem with Metroid Prime on the Wii compared to the Gamecube version. One I can play, the other I have to re-calibrate the controller after every minor action. I'm still not willing to call the Metroid Prime Trilogy a waste of $10 yet because I wouldn't have been able to find Corruption for that low a price...but I don't see myself playing it any time soon.


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Jul 10, 2011
Shoggoth2588 said:
I'm having a similar problem with Metroid Prime on the Wii compared to the Gamecube version. One I can play, the other I have to re-calibrate the controller after every minor action. I'm still not willing to call the Metroid Prime Trilogy a waste of $10 yet because I wouldn't have been able to find Corruption for that low a price...but I don't see myself playing it any time soon.
I know that this is a little off topic, but if you need to recalibrate the Wii remote's that often in a game where you're pointing directly at the screen 99.9% of the time, either your controller's broken, or you're doing something wrong. I'm not going to say the same for Skyward Sword, though, because that game was finicky as hell....

Back on topic, there are times that I find myself playing things that I very much WANT to enjoy, but can't bring myself to for whatever reason, though I can't point my finger at a specific title at this time....

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Feb 9, 2012
I play games that have aspects that I don't enjoy. For example, I really like Patrol and Raid mission in Destiny, but I absolutely despise the Crucible. I mean seriously, there's one game type, Team Deathmatch "b-but contwol, b-but ffa...." NO. Maybe I'm wrong, but the only thing the flags do is increase the points a kill is worth. It's still tdm, and ffa is just tdm with one man teams. They couldn't even put in Capture the Flag despite the fact that when the game starts one guy in your team is holding a flag.

That and it's unbalanced as balls, and most of the time at least one or two assholes are red baring the whole game. "Oh, you shot me point blank with a Shotgun and meleed me? I'll die after I fully charge and fire my Fusion Rifle and one hit kill you." It's BS that you have to play the damn thing to get Legendary Armor. I'm just gonna stick with the Vanguards, screw the other factions.

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Apr 30, 2020

At the moment I am still playing Guild Wars 2 but I only continue to played it on a daily basis just for the dailies achievement as there are ingame reward for hight achievement points.

As for still "enjoying" the game, you asked me. The Escapist Guild is a ghost guild so I pretty much feel lonely most of the time (no friends or part of a community in the game either) so I just played the game with strangers. I don't like PVP but I still do it in a farming way and the same apply to the World Vs World Vs World (if anything, WvWvW had only given me anger toward a specific server!).

The only time I actually get a kicked out of the game is when I get a rare time which is RNG at best!

I suppose I should make it clear that I am pretty much addicted to the game.

By all means, I did LOVED the game back to when I first played it on free weekends and released day but now that I complted the stories and some other endgame stuff, I should had quit the game by now. Granted with the expansion on the horizon, I will carry on playing and maybe the expansion will get me to enjoyed the game again.


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Apr 3, 2020
No... The moment I realize that I won't like a game, I stop playing and usually turn it in. I've got way to big of a backlog to play games I don't enjoy.


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Jun 24, 2013
I don't do it as a regular practise.
There are a few occasions where I force myself to blast through a game that I'm starting to become irritated by like BioShock Infinite and Grand Theft Auto V just so I have some perspective on them.
I played through all of MW3 just so I can turn to my fanboy friends and tell them how shit it was, so I guess I got a bit malicious there.
Usually I just stop, and by God that's saved me a lot of hours in my life after figuring out that Dark Souls and Dark Souls II are just not for me... at all. I even tried with GTA IV but I just couldn't, it was too bad.

One of the very few games I went out of my way to play despite knowing it would be bad was Halo 4. Pre-ordered it and everything. That it surpassed my expectations just sent me into a frothing twitching state and I had to finish it otherwise I knew I'd eject it from the 360. Started at 7pm, ended at 3am. Two years later I revisited it as part of the Master Chief Collection and played it to completion, it hurts me slightly less now.


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Jan 29, 2010
I used to. Thanks to a video from Extra Credits, I now check to make sure I'm actually enjoying it before I continue.


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Apr 29, 2020
It kind of depends.If I don't like a game from the start I will most likely stop playing it(unless it's out of curiosity when it's a really short game), but there are many other games I really enjoyed but which fell apart at around 3/4(sometimes earlier). Even more games overstay their welcome. Usually I'm like, well I made it this far might as well see it through to the end. Though I usually don't play games I know I'm not going to enjoy, like Bioware games. Not b/c they are bad games, but like previous poster said there is no point playing something that just isn't your cup of tea.


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Apr 25, 2009
I play a lot of League of Legends because my friends do and it's one of the few games we play together, but I don't enjoy the bloody game at all. Rarely I'll be in the mood, but the vast majority of the time it's a boring slog.

The gameplay does absolutely nothing for me, and the matches last for ages.

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Jun 28, 2012
Can't say I've played a game i didn't enjoy for more than maybe an hour, less for shorter games or ones that aren't particularly involved.

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Dec 24, 2008
Depends on how you define enjoy. I really didn't enjoy playing Telltale's Walking Dead game, it was really a horrible experience and over the course of the three days I spent playing it off and on I really hated waking up in the morning knowing that I was immediately going to be depressed when I started playing it. I had no real fun or happiness from it and haven't played it since. But I think it is a great thing that other people need to experience and am definitely going to play season 2 when I have a few days to be depressed again.

Another thing is I have that whole achievement hunting addiction so I have played games that I didn't enjoy for achievements before. More recently I have tightened my control to where I will only bother with games that are at least good initially. That said, I have played good games to the point of disgust for achievements. Notably, getting 100% in Max Payne 3 and Red Faction: Guerrilla was a miserable experience, MP3 has a great story but the online is horrible and Guerrilla has some fun mechanics but the SP mode got tired before I was done and the multiplayer was/is horrible.

I have also played through shitty original games to get the story for a sequel before, but thanks to Longplays on youtube I rarely do that anymore. Although watching an 8 hour long play of a crappy game for the story is often harder than playing the crappy game for the same time.


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Oct 28, 2009

Like others have said, my gaming time and funds are limited, so I'm way to cautious with my purchases to buy bad games, and too busy to waste time playing stuff I am not enjoying to its absolute fullest.

CAPTCHA: 'stay safe', how apt.


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Apr 11, 2009
Not as such.

I've finished things where I enjoyed parts of it but found others annoying.
Finished things where I found the story fascinating, but the gameplay irritating.
and, I've finished things that I was enjoying in the beginning, but found annoying further along.

But I can't say I've ever played through something that I wasn't enjoying at all in any way. It's more that parts of it were annoying while other parts were not.


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Apr 4, 2020
I don't, no. I have 400 games between various systems, and a lot of which I would rather be playing, so why would I slog through a game that just isn't interesting me?

Sure, there'll be times where I have friends telling me to come on X, but most of the time, I would much rather just sit out and play something on my own instead of playing something that I am really not feeling.

Same goes for collectibles. I don't see the point in them. I have a friend that tells me that they add some replay value to the game, but I would just argue that all it does is make the game a gigantic grind. Sure, you might get an achievement and some arbitrary points to boot, but unless I am actively enjoying my time, there are many, many things that I would much rather be doing.


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Jul 10, 2013
I... used to? I mean, what else could I do when I didn't even have a backlog alongside games that were bought FOR me instead of me buying them for myself?

Nowadays, I probably won't... unless I'm enjoying the fact that I'm probably wouldn't enjoy the game by myself... like Call of Duty... or Sonic 06 from start to finish again...


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Mar 13, 2012

I have an immense backlog and not really a lot of time at least on weekdays to dedicate to gaming, so i need to pick what i play, and since i like some time sinkers, like Crusader Kings 2 and Europa Universalis IV, you can bet i'm not gonna power through something i don't like.