Do you think it is academic dishonesty to reuse papers you already wrote for a previous class?


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Apr 11, 2010
I think it all boils down to the fact that you need to ask first. I've met professors who were not only fine with it but actively encouraged it, and I've also met professors who would kick you out of the class for the slightest whiff of resubmission.

Personally, I think so long as you wrote it, it's topical, and you've gone over your sources to make sure they're still accurate, it shouldn't be a problem. But in practice, it comes down to the whims of your professor.


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Apr 20, 2009
i recently used part of a former paper myself, but I should get away with it on a few grounds: the assessment information sheet said "you have permission to use previous assignments" - meaning from that specific course, albeit without actuall saying so explicitly, i referenced the previous paper appropriately, it was under the specific percentages for out-right plagarism (generally 10% or your paper or theirs, not sure which, but i'm good either way), and finally, i have permission from the original author... so if they screw me i'm going to... rather doggedly pursue an appeal...

so no, it's not academic dishonesty if the protocols about referencing/permissions are done correctly, and it isn't the ENTIRE paper... that's just lazy...


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May 1, 2011
Zaik said:
No, it's academic dishonesty for your professors to be requesting so many bullshit papers from you that they actually managed to accidentally overlap subjects, and still expect you to believe that you're learning anything other than how to write papers in college.

Use it.
I agree, papers are just time consuming and useless. I dont learn anything from writing them other than how much it sucks to stick to a citing format or how useless they are.

But in any case, I am against cheating and the concensus here is that resubmitting a paper is cheating. So I guess I have to bite the bullet and do it.