Don't know what to call this, erm wanna watch a dude play a game with one arm?


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Mar 10, 2010
So I recently youtube'd (not a word) one armed gaming and just found a bunch of vids of either modded controllers, or people playing with one hand and a stump. Anyway I put together this vid to let anyone else with one arm out there who is feeling a bit apprehensive about trying to play a game with one arm to give it a go. I had practically the exact same learning curve as when I learned to play games with 2 arms, its very doable and should not be viewed as a feet in any way, basically if you have one arm pick up a copy of Bioshock and play it you one armed douchebag. (It's aloud cuz it's like a black guy saying the n word.)

If you don't care about reading the above, or have read it (thanks for readin' doood) here's the vid


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Mar 28, 2011
Morty815 said:
not be viewed as a feet
I see what you did there.

Well this is an unusual topic but it beats all of the "the last food you ate is all you can use in a zombie apocalypse as a weapon against zombies that all look like your first pet but your pet is equipped with the first item to your right as a weapon zzzzomg! what do?" type threads, not that I'm bitter.

So is this just for raising awareness? I can't view the video as I'm working :( Will check later.

I have a deaf friend who loves games/movies but hates subtitles. Lip reading in games is not as accurate as movies. Skyrim has become a hell of a lot of "RUH BO BLAAAAH *giggle*". You can still have fun in games if you're missing something folks!