Don't Miss Your Chance To Get Krautscape Free On Twitter


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Apr 10, 2008
Don't Miss Your Chance To Get Krautscape Free On Twitter

We at The Escapist love games, the only thing we love more than games is giving games away. Today we are giving you an amazing opportunity to get Early Access to the genre defying Krautscape []. Krautscape is a revolutionary new game that takes the traditional racing genre to the next level, where you aren't limited to the genre norms. Traditional racing games end when you leave the track, you've lost time and position, but that's when the fun in Krautscape is just beginning. When you leave the track your car's wings take over and let you fly to safety and possibly a better situation.

You can't get these codes just anywhere, today we are taking to Twitter to give them away. Over the course of the day we will be giving out codes with chunks missing, we'll be giving you clues as to what exactly can fill those missing digits of the code.

To get in the game just follow these four accounts:

@encaen []
@JonathanBolding []
@WMDogma []
@SmarmyHobo []


We haven't done this alone, the good people with @krautscape [] have provided us with the opportunity to bring you access to this amazing game.

So make sure to get in on this early so you don't miss out on Early Access to this amazing game.