Dying Light Gameplay Debut Fights Zombies With Parkour


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Dec 24, 2008
Ultratwinkie said:
1337mokro said:
Ultratwinkie said:
1337mokro said:

They basically made what I have been asking for ever since the first zombie shambled into their first game.

Open World Survival.

Though that little blunder in the house where he literally walked into a zombie nomming on his leg should have been game over. Immunity doesn't exist. Get careless and get bitten and you are dead.

hooblabla6262 said:
I mean, it didn't even have real survivor conflict.
How original Survivor Conflict, it's not like people could actually get along and not be colossal fucking idiots all the time right? Heck what is a zombie game without survivors being dicks to each other and leading to their own downfalls? It's almost like those games are in the minority.
That already exists. Its called Project Zomboid.

OT: No, Techland. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

It will be dead island 2.5, and dead island wasn't that good.

It exists the same way Duke Nukem existed for 13 years.

Project Zomboid is FAAAAAAAAAAAAR from done and development is tremendously slow.
Actually its mostly done, have you even played it? It can be released as is, the only thing it misses is the NPC section of the game.
Have I played it?

No. I have just owned it since it first went on sale (edit: talking about alpha access being sold, damn the English language and it's limitations) and have just downloaded every single version up till now for giggles. I like having games I don't play at all. More importantly though it's FAAAAAAAR from finished. FAAAAAAAAAR from the early promises.


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Jul 21, 2010
We'll see... The idea sounds great, but so far Im not seeing any parkour that came anywhere near Mirror's Edge (Ive been doing as much "free running" in Dishonoured as was in this teaser) and Im not seeing any particular ideas that seem that amazing for the rest of the gameplay. The weird weapons dont do much for me, the special infected are ok but almost always end up as repetitive set pieces (which would fail completely in a game supposedly focused on freedom of movement, the night and day thing was kind of interesting but seemed a bit awkward in execution, etc.

The little girl bit and the setting of being a runner in the zombie aftermath I do like, though. Remind of the concept behind the Zombies, Run! smartphone app.

I would play the ever-loving hell out of a Mirrors Edge meets zombie survival game. Ill be waiting to see if Dying Light is actually it.

Scarim Coral

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Oct 29, 2010
So in this game you have to deal with night empowered zombies?
Either way it does look impressive.


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Sep 15, 2008
ObsidianJones said:
There are a few things I got hyped for and burned. Hype is bad. A lot of the attacks and throws seemed very seamless. I guess that could come from playing the game all the time, but I'm more in the corner of prerendered footage. And if that's the case, I have no faith in this at all.

Wicky_42 said:
What is it with electified knives?! Why only knives? Thunder hammer, anyone? If we're are going to have arbitrary elemental damage types, does that mean we're going to get a flaming baseball bat or something? That's the only aspect that I'm concerned about - what I read and saw about Dead Island was disappointing, and I hope they don't go down the RPG route :/
I thought they already had put in a Thunder Hammer. http://youtu.be/PDUKbXFrDFs?t=8m18s When he jumps down, those bodies scatter with the Hammer drop
Haha, yeah, true - though I though that was just the zombies being blown away at the guy's awesome parkour moves... or something >.>


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Aug 30, 2010
erttheking said:
That looks like a pretty cool game. Did anyone else find the zombie that was mid turn freaky as Hell?
Yeah, this game looks tense as hell. Especially after dark. I hope the interactive environments are more... thorough I guess you could say. Rather than just choice interactions on the predicted paths, a much more thorough approach of the level design is taken, so you could break through or jump atop or climb or jump over most things. I also love how they actually give you an animation to test a locked door rather than just saying "nope, that door leads nowhere so it won't open. look somewhere else".

Normally I'm not one for stealthy games, but this one is looking great. Combat as a time-consuming secondary option (except for when you need to take a thorough look at something) to running past is a nice take on most other zombie games where slaughter or shooting your way through is the modus operandi.

Thank GOD this guy did cardio regularly before the outbreak. Otherwise he'd be absolutely fucked.