E3: Deep Silver Follows Up with Dead Island Riptide

Greg Tito

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Sep 29, 2005
E3: Deep Silver Follows Up with Dead Island Riptide

A new zombie game from the Dead Island folks washes up on shore.

As far as new IPs go, Dead Island made a pretty big splash last year. The game didn't quite live up to its fantastic teaser, but the zombie shooter on a luxurious island resort was fun if you played with a mate or two. European publisher Deep Silver decided to strike while the zombie was hot, and announced at E3 today that studio Techland was busy working on a sequel. Dead Island Riptide will drop dead on consoles and PC.

Ok, that's the last zombie pun I'll make. Promise.

Other than the title and the teaser image to the right, there was not any other details provided by Deep Silver. The Dead Island DLC suggested that the zombie outbreak was poised to spread, so the setting for Riptide could be anywhere. The palm tree in the image suggests it will still be in a tropical area.

Won't those bastards start to smell? Couldn't they go to the arctic to get some refrigeration in there?

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Quiet Stranger

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Feb 4, 2006
I can still remember when Dead Island was announced and if this is anything like the first, it will linger in hell for so many years and finally get started and it will be about somebody with a family or something but then you'll choose from four different characters...whose stories are never told except when you first select them. Color me interested (I am interested...kind of)


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Jul 4, 2009
After what they did with Risen 2 I'm extremely hesitant to buy anything with Deep Silvers name on it. That and the first game just wasn't that good.


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Dec 19, 2010
I could have sworn they released a statement a couple of weeks ago saying they had no future plans to make a sequel to Dead Island. Honestly, I bought that game day 1 and loved every second of it, once the proper version was on Steam that is.


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Jun 24, 2010
Still not bought the first yet, but from game play videos it looks like it just needed some better character animations, voice acting and some more story.

The weapon customisation looked very good though because you would have to keep switching about which would vary the combat.

God I want it now.


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Aug 22, 2009
boyvirgo666 said:
Wish i had more details. Would be nice since dead island was actually pretty fun.
Yeah, I agree with that.

Although I want-even demand-a better story this time. "the zombie outbreak is poised to spread"? No s***. Kinda hard to contain something when nobody knows what started it...

Of course, a zombie story can be done well without revealing the source...if you don't build it up as a big mystery to solve. George a Romero's dead films never revealed exactly the source, but it was never the point. Dead island made it out like it was going to be a big plot reveal, and then it never happened.

Although to be fair...
There was...something to do with the tribal village. If it was fully explained there, then it wasn't done well.

Basically, I'm not looking for the greatest zombie story of all time (although that'd be awesome) but an actually engaging storyline would be nice.


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Oct 20, 2009
Buretsu said:
Wow, people can actually call the game 'fun' and maintain a straight face while they do it? The people I know who played it got about halfway through and just stopped giving a shit about anything but beating the game purely out of a desire to not leave the game unfinished. And they even cheered at a event which was obviously intended to be sad. Namely...

When Ryder shot and killed Jin

So I don't hold out hopes for an expansion like this...
Your snottiness. It reeks.

I'm excited. I'm Techland knows how much they got wrong, and I'm very much hoping they can improve on what the first did well.

Eric Morales

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Dec 6, 2011
Dead Island earns the dubious distinction of the only zombie game where the zombies appear more lifelike and human than the actual human NPCs. You know how Bastion had a really great algorithm for its voice over so you never heard the same line of narration repeated? Dead Island is the mirror universe opposite of that.

Immersion is kind of a lost cause when every time I make a visit to the shopkeeper he eagerly tells me how the zombie plague came from outer space, or that one charming woman who claimed to be dieing of thirst even after I poured half the great lakes down her throat.

Then again, at the end of the day it's fun to cream a zombie against a bridge support so hard that all its limbs snap off. And yea it may be fun to chop a zombie into deli meat with an electrified space machete and the juxtaposition of the opulent resort and the squalid shantytown is all very well as far as social commentary about wealth disparity but its hard to feel invested in characters who seem so wooden and lifeless.