ECA Promotes Politics, but no Candidates

Logan Frederick

New member
Aug 19, 2006
ECA Promotes Politics, but no Candidates

Entertainment Consumers Association head Hal Halpin explained the organization's bipartisan stance in the upcoming election.

In a message sent out to every member of the politically-charged Entertainment Consumers Association's Facebook group [], ECA founder Hal Halpin addressed the heating presidential campaigns and the ECA's stance on the country's political matters.

An ECA group member, Regina, asked, "Does the ECA endorse a particular candidate?" To answer her question, Halpin issued a group-wide response:

The ECA is a 501(c)(4) non-profit membership org - an IRS designation that classifies the type of entity that we are and business that we do. It's significant because that same classification prohibits us from backing any one party or politician. The rules have been further tightened recently, restricting us from promoting anyone (again, relevant because of our publications: GamePolitics, GameCulture, ECA Today, etc. which cover them when newsworthy). But I don't know that I would want us to even if we could. The ECA represents ALL gamers, each with their own ethics, morals and perspectives. So apart from educating members about a candidate's position as it relates to gaming, I'm not sure that it would be our place. Hope that answers your question.[/blockquote]