ECA Works with NCSoft, Acquires Game Politics Site

Logan Frederick

New member
Aug 19, 2006
ECA Works with NCSoft, Acquires Game Politics Site

The Entertainment Consumers Association acquires and works with NCSoft on the PlaySmart Information Program.

The Entertainment Consumers Association [] (ECA) has purchased Dennis McCauley's [], a blog focused on the discussion political issues surrounding games. McCauley will remain as the lead administrator and editor of the site, along with his new title of ECA?s political editor.

South Korea-based game online game developer NCSoft and the ECA have partnered on a new public service program titled the PlaySmart Information Program. The ECA press release [] states that the PlaySmart program was created to, "advance online gaming and security by providing gamers a comprehensive set of common-sense guidelines drawn from industry standards." NCSoft will offer its knowledge of online game communities to assist the ECA in creating behavioral guidelines for internet players. PlaySmart "tips cards" will be distributed at gaming events and inside NCSoft products.

ECA founder Hal Halpin declared in the ECA press release: ?With regard to the PlaySmart initiative, this too was synergistic. NCSoft developed a great program that exemplifies corporate social responsibility, and partnering with and supporting the ECA is testimony to their dedication to the gaming community. This service should be both impactful in getting the word out about online safety and it should resonate with gamers and parents alike."

The ECA is a non-profit organization founded in July, 2006 by Hal Halpin, the former president of Interactive Entertainment Merchants Association, now reduced to Entertainment Merchants Association. Halpin hopes the new ECA will serve to uphold the interests of game consumers in the larger politcial and economic industry debates.