Eggsnham Presents: Battlefield: Bad Company, A Review.


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Apr 29, 2009
What with BF:BC2 coming out, I thought I'd do a quick review of the original, enjoy!

Platforms: PS3 & XBOX 360

There comes a time in every gamer?s life when he just wants to blow stuff up. None of that realism thing, who needs reality? That?s why you?re playing video-games, remember? But I digress, if you?re yearning for some constant ?Blow sh*t up!? Action, then BF:BC is for you. Keep in mind during this review that the game portrayed basically takes all realism and logic and butchers it.

The game itself at it?s core, looks beautiful, granted it?s not ?UHMAZING?, but it?s very nice to look at when you?re strolling through a path looking for some baddies. The explosions are nicely done and the guns give off that distinct ?next-gen? kind of look i.e. shiny and full of detail. And the explosions you create with your guns will actually feel like they?re doing damage thanks to the frostbite destruction system. While not as advanced as say, Red Faction?s crazy realistic destruction, it still does it?s job and does it well, blowing up a wall and blasting your enemy to bits has never felt so gratifying. But like any game worth playing, it has it?s flaws.

A job well destroyed!

The story, while not meant to be a very serious one, is still very.. ?Splotchy? it doesn?t feel real at all, if the game had a better story, I?ve no doubt that this game would be a masterpiece. The story basically is that you do some bad things and consequently get placed into Bad Company, see where this is going? Then you and your squad-mates find some gold on a dead mercenary and get a taste for the shiny stuff, so this leads you on a race for some gold. Oh yeah and you inadvertently invade a country with just three other men. But luckily (these guys are pretty lucky so far) the U.S. government sees a way to manipulate your squad?s foolishness. That?s basically the story save for some important plot ?twists? (if you can call them that) that I won?t reveal. The actual gameplay itself sometimes feels pretty broken, while fun and all, if you know what you?re doing, you can practically be immortal. You see, you are given a sort of injector pen that will replenish all your health with a single and painful looking jab to the chest. And you can do this as many times as you want. This can sometimes take the war aspect out of it and make it seem like a casual stroll through the park as you kill Russians and mercenaries while jabbing yourself in the chest endlessly. Another game breaking tool is the ?portable mortar strike requesty thingy? which basically showers down shell after shell onto your enemies. You can also use this as much as you like. Even in online gameplay modes.

Oh Bob Saget!

Which brings us into online gameplay (smooth transition eh?) Online for BF:BC is like getting teeth pulled at the dentist, which is to say that it?s enjoyable because you?re so high off of Novocain and laughing gas that you?re actually having a good time as the dentist rapes your mouth, but that doesn?t change the fact that the dentist is raping your mouth. Simply put, it is an awesome experience but very frustrating. One of the things that really kills it for me is the constant helicopter spam and mortar strikers among other things (damn snipers!) And the fact that you can only talk to those on your immediate squad (I believe that?s called squad chat?) Which gets annoying when your squad mates are either squeakers or not speaking your language, I?m not against those who don?t speak English mind you, I just find it frustrating to be playing a game which is based heavily on squad combat with someone speaking Spanish. Trust me, it?s annoying. There is one aspect about online multiplayer though, that stands out above the rest and makes even heli-spammers look golden and that is the weapons that you needed to have preordered the game to get, these weapons give distinct advantages and can only be obtained either by being EA?s errand boy or pre-ordering the game, it?s an obvious and shameless money grubbing scheme. But it?s EA, what did you expect?

All in all BF:BC is a beautiful looking game with some great fun and decent multiplayer in store for you.

It gets a 6.5/10

A game that could be missed, but might be worth checking out.