Electronic Arts and Steam Servers Suffer DDoS Attacks


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Apr 11, 2011
I don't really see how DDoSing Steam at the same time everybody was attempting to last minute trade cards would really amount to much in comparison.

Xan Krieger

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Feb 11, 2009
They hit World of Tanks last night, general chat was useless (it was spammed by a ton of people) and the game itself was unplayable. Lasted over an hour, I went to bed before it ended.


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Nov 20, 2008
Oh look, another group of hackers desperately trying to look relevent and totally unaware that consequences exist. Nobody ELSE gets away with this grandstanding crap. Why would you?

Infernal Lawyer

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Jan 28, 2013
008Zulu said:
Did they say why they were doing it, or was it because they were born assholes and just grew bigger?
Both: The guys who took down Steam said they did it because they were having a dick-waving contest with Derp (the guys who took down EA). And yes, "for the lulz".

OT: Well this whole thing pisses me off. I was going to treat myself to a copy of Far Cry 3, for otherwise keeping my wallet firmly closed during the sale, and then I could barely even view the damn store page. Hopefully Valve redoes the Encore Sale and temporarily re-activates the cards as a sort of apology (and really, making those things useless after a certain date was a stupid idea to begin with). It would be the best PR thing to do, plus they'd get my $12.


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Mar 9, 2012
Oh my god, you guys are SOOOO COOL! Lulz such h4x0rz lelelelelel, and the group name is DERP. HAH, I GET IT, BECAUSE OF THE FUNNY MEME, HAH, HAHA.

Fucking assholes..


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May 28, 2011
what is this, copycat killer DDOSer rage agasint EA? This is getting ridiculous now.

Jamash said:
What's the point of a DDoS attack on Steam when it does it to itself every time there's a major sale or give away?

Steam DDoSed itself when they gave Left 4 Dead 2 away for free, so what would be the point of a DDoS attack during a sale when nobody would know it was a DDoS attack and assume it was what normally happens when Valves servers can't cope?

Seems about as effective as protesting austerity measures by burning large piles of wood on November the 5th.
The point of DDOS is to deny service. You get bonus points if people blame others for it.

SonOfVoorhees said:
Isnt there a way for these companies to block these attacks? Origin is a subscriber site, just like Steam. So when they receive an unusual amount of hits, couldnt they just have a program that blocks all non subscribers from getting on the site?
No. There is no defense against DDOS.
You cannot indenfity traffic as subscriber or not subscriber unless you login every single connection, which is unworkable. You can either have servers more powerful than the DDOSers can put out or shut down and hope police catch them (since its an actual crime except in germany).

ClockworkUniverse said:
How has this guy not been arrested yet? I've seen him identified by name and address, and he himself posted his phone number!
assuming one guy could DDOS a server...... Well unless hes using a lot of zombie computers but then by now those computers would be traced down.

Xeorm said:
Really wish this would get jail time. The government is willing to jail someone for saying a stupid thing on facebook for years, but this is legal? What a joke.
It is not legal (except germany, where court settled it being a legal form of protest) and in some countries is worthy jail time.

ChildofGallifrey said:
I never really got the point of getting on a public forum like Twitter afterwards and publicly bragging about committing crimes.

Really, bragging to your friends in middle school about how you swiped a candy bar might buy you some playground cred, but doesn't the government consider stuff like this terrorism of some sort?

Of course, at least if assholes are going to keep doing stuff like this, it's better if they aren't intelligent assholes.
The mentallity here is that you dont get satisfaction if noone knows its you. Its like that guy that stole a TV during London riots but had to post a picture of it on his facebook page saying he stole it. I agree thought that its good that msot criminals are stupid, makes them easier to be caught.

Baresark said:
Oh man, these guys are so annoying. Time for some vigilante justice. I would not advocate violence, but if someone were to cut their physical line for the internet that goes to their house... well no one could really complain about that but them and we would be relieved of at least some stress that is related to them being just general dicks.
i hope you are aware of irony here considering they dont really use home itnernet for this.

jackpipsam said:
I dunno if they think they're hurting EA or not, but they're hurting people who just want to play games.

If you want to attack EA fine, but don't make me suffer for it.
the thinking is "anyone who supports EA by buying their games deserve it".

lancar said:
I still can't access my steam inventory, and only barely can occasionally reach steamcommunity.com.
problem is on your side then, works fine for me and did so yesterday.

Xan Krieger said:
They hit World of Tanks last night, general chat was useless (it was spammed by a ton of people) and the game itself was unplayable. Lasted over an hour, I went to bed before it ended.
WOT was the only point where they actually affected me, but we jut went to play TF2 instead then.

FalloutJack said:
Nobody ELSE gets away with this grandstanding crap.
Thats the problem - they do. Most people get away with this, hence why this became so popular.