Entertainment Technology Law Summit Announced

Andy Chalk

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Nov 12, 2002
Entertainment Technology Law Summit Announced

2007 Entertainment Technology Law Summit [http://www.lawseminars.com/], a two-day conference taking place August 16 and 17.

Intended for lawyers, executives, entertainment representatives and other individuals involved with digital publication or content distribution, the conference will provide information and insight into such areas as current litigation, new business models, fears and realities of piracy, user-generated content and more. Among the discussion panels scheduled for the event is "Video Game Development: The New Financing and Development Models<," which will examine topics including issues of artistic license and movie-videogame cross-development and convergence. The discussion panel will include Daniel Figueroa from Sony, Seth J. Steinberg from LucasArts, and James M. Kennedy from THQ.

"Hollywood and Silicon Valley are becoming friends, as key entertainment and technology players reach new and unanticipated strategic alliances," according to the conference website. "When the dust settles, the consumer may never again get or experience entertainment content the same way as before. This summit will bring together individuals who represent some of the most important business and legal players to discuss the impact of the latest developments and give us a vision of what's to come."

Other topics to be covered during the summit include "The Challenge and Promise of User-Generated Content," "Cell Phones as Media Centers" and "Satisfying Consumers and Protecting Your Rights in Uncertain Times." More information about the conference, as well as a detailed itinerary and registration links, are available at the Entertainment Technology Law Summit website [http://www.lawseminars.com/section_details/07ENTWA.htm].