Escape Dead Island Review - Better Off Dead


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Jan 5, 2013
Escape Dead Island Review - Better Off Dead

Escape Dead Island has some good ideas but squanders them on shallow gameplay that will you leave feeling more dead inside than the zombies you're fighting.

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Jun 30, 2009
Well this... is a shame.

After playing the first Dead Island twice and Riptide with a friend. I can say that I really enjoyed it, towards the end of both games it got really dull since you can basically one shot anything if you prepared enough, but the other 85% of the game was pretty fun even if I felt it needed tweaking here and there.

So when I heard that they we're making another Dead Island I figured that even if it has a cartoony style, surely they would fix the problem with the first two games and add more to the experience.

*Reads review*

- Dull Combat ✓
- Almost no Inventory management ✓
- Unbreakable melee weapons ✓
- Subpar guns ✓ (AGAIN!)
- Mediocre Story ✓

It has no mention of vehicles this time around, which I'm not sure if there are any this time around.
Overall this sounds less of an experience than the first Dead Island, which again, is a shame they couldn't do it right.