Escape to the Movies: The Grey


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Mar 11, 2010
Ended up seeing this one and we groaned our whole way through... Maybe it's because we're in a northern climate and we are familiar with how the oil industry/nature actually functions up here. I was under the impression the wolves wouldn't be as central and it would be more of a psychological struggle, or if they wanted the wolves to be that important they should have just gone full out and made them "special" genetically altered wolves or something (ala Deep Blue Sea) to explain it otherwise it just goes too far for the normal suspension of disbelief for a movie that supposedly takes place in the real world.

I don't see movies in the theatres very often, but I've followed Bob's advice for two movies I was unsure of now and regretted it both times. Guess his tastes are too different from my own. I would say this one is MAYBE a renter but otherwise completely forgettable.


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Jun 6, 2010
jecht35 said:
Is it just me or are people to sensative about animals being portrayed as villians in movies. Its a fricken movie if people take it serious that animals really act like that, then thats there problem. Do wolves normally attack humans not really. Do wolves attack humans in there own territory or hunting grounds, I don't know maybe. So I can suspend belief for what seems like a good movie.
How is it a bad thing that people are sensitive about how animals are portrayed in media? Are you honestly saying that you don't think it's reasonable just because it's "a fricking movie" and not real?

Remembering how the cult classic Jaws effected real live white sharks I'd say there are a great many reasons to care about how animals are being depicted in media.


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Dec 31, 2008
I just watched this movie a few days ago and I really, really don't get how anyone can praise this as highly as Bob did.

Overall, this is what pissed me off about this movie: There is just way too many things that are so painfully convenient for a movie that takes itself seriously that it ruins my suspension of disbelief completely: People only notice what is convenient for the script, people have the exact deficiencies that are convenient for the script, wolves pop up and disappear when it's convenient for the script and they only take one guy at a time because... well, yeah, because.

Seriously, a film very rarely pisses me off legitimately, but this one did.

I really expected Bob to tear this film a new one. It's full to the brim with stupid decisions and overly convenient things happening just to keep the script going. As a result, I just wanted the heroes to die for their own stupidity.

There's no proper reason given why they should leave the crash-site... they just do because our "champion" says so and watching them sit around waiting to be rescued would be completely boring. The only one I can understand when they leave is the one who doesn't want to leave the site but follows the rest nonetheless because staying there alone is an even less promising option.

There is no reason noone hears the wolves attack in the night despite them being loud as fuck. The writers just wanted one guy to die in a bloody fashion and noone else to get hurt.

There's no reason given why they don't look for a decent way down that cliff instead of just jumping into the trees. I mean, they seem to have plenty of time to make that rope, but none of them thinks about finding a different way than jumping into certain death? And of course one of the survivors just has to be scared of heights... otherwise this scene wouldn't be intense enough, not by a long shot.

Then, when they're down, the wolves pop up out of nowhere, grab one and leave the rest be. Why do they leave? The only reason they live is because we don't want to watch our "heroes" sit on that tree forever until they fall down because of exhaustion.

The next scene gets even more ridiculous when the two wolves chasing our last three guys just disappear after having fulfilled their part and one of the morons finally dropped into the river. Sorry, but I'm supposed to ignore all that crap for what exactly? There were plenty of other things pissing me off, those are just the few things that really stuck with me.