Escapist Podcast: 089: Religion in BioShock, David Jaffe and Playing Nice


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Nov 10, 2010
tkioz said:
On the subject of adblock (I'm a pubclub member FYI) there are things you need to understand, I don't know the average age of your audience, but people in their early to mid 30s have been online for 10-20 years now, we saw the very very worst of the advertising industry online, we saw the growth of popups, popunders, flash, gifs, etc, etc, etc, etc. some of us we'll never tolerate advertisements again, the well has been poisoned, our goodwill is gone, blame the people who ruined it, don't blame the people who were pushed into avoiding all advertisement online, don't just complain about how we're selfish (as I said I give you money every year, three years running now), you need to woo us back, and complaining wont do that.
Absolutely. I feel like this isn't addressed enough. Over the last couple months I've been seeing an increasing amount of website representatives and content creators making appeals to their userbase about adblock. I honestly think angle gets WAY too much focus, and that the wrong people are being blamed... Perhaps it could be an idea for these sites to look into WHY adblock even needs to exist in the first place, before pointing fingers at their users and doing the whole guilt thing like "we're just trying to create quality content for you guys and you're totally stabbing us in the back, DIRECTLY and PERSONALLY harming us by using adblock"...

Ads on the internet have become increasingly intrusive and obnoxious, and it's more difficult than ever before to get rid of them, or just trying to avoid having them shoved down your throat every 5 seconds, without using such addons. It's been getting to the point where these ads are completely destroying your enjoyment and turning visits to certain websites into downright negative experiences.

The point I'm trying to make is, things aren't looking to improve, and pointing fingers at content consumers isn't gonna change that. Some responsibility definitely lies in the hands on the sites that sign up for this, and I think that it's about damn time that they start to speak up against the ad companies and their methods.

I get that it would be a risk to take, especially for sites that solely rely on ad revenue income, but you really shouldn't be putting up with this. They're the ones who want piece of YOUR site for their ads, and you'd be well within your rights to have certain requirements and conditions. I wish more content creators would take a stand against these companies and let them know that their advertising methods aren't acceptable as they can severely hurt a site by turning its own users against them. So yeah, I'd definitely like to see more objections and even protests/boycotts against these companies to send a message.