Escapist Podcast: 161: Metallica Rockin' BlizzCon

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Jul 10, 2006
161: Metallica Rockin' BlizzCon

This week, the Escapist staff talks about the announced appeannce of Metallica as the closing band this year for BlizzCon. We also hit up Alien Isolation and Borderlands Pre Sequel.

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Apr 8, 2020
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"Crazy Train" is Ozzy, and the song Paul is talking about is "Enter the Sandman".

And lets be honest, Metallica played in Antarctica so I don't think they really care all that much where they play as long as the exposure is there. While I have no love for Metallica after Master of Puppets, it was pretty smart of BlizzCon to have Metallica on it since they are still pretty huge.

I have The Pre-Sequel and I can't wait to play as Athena later today. :D

Also, I think Josh is right in the pronunciation of 'sans'. Latin studies was way too long ago for me, but I think he's right.


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Nov 18, 2008
As the metal conversion unfolded, I was beginning to wonder whether they were trolling, but I think they're genuinely that clueless about metal. I'm no fan myself (though I might fall into the Hard Rock category) so that whole conversation made me feel so much better about my meager metalogy knowledge. Metallica & Blizzard seem a weird fit, but it has become a talking point so both benefit from the publicity.

As for Sans turns out they're both half-right. One's the Middle English pronunciation, a corruption of the other one which is Old French. It in turn is a corruption of blended Latin words and since Latin is a dead language, good luck trying to find the 'correct' pronouciation...


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Jan 14, 2009
Can 't wait to hear Hetfield grunt his way through a rendition of Power of the Horde.


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Nov 10, 2003
They got Metallica because everyone in Blizzard (at least the higher ups anyways) are huge Metalheads. I mean, they are in a Metal Band themselves (Elite Tauren Chieften is all Blizzard execs). So yea. And they had Ozzy at Blizzcon a few years back, which is an even less recent act then Metallica. As old and feeble as Ozzy is these days, he still put on a good show. Metallica generally puts on an awesome show, I have friends who don't like Metallica, but like Metallica concerts. I was born in 1973, am a Metallica fan, I do not watch regular TV anymore, haven't for a long time. Heh. But you can get the concert with the Blizzcon stream you can purchase as well, so it's available both ways I guess. Blizzard has talked about how much money they lose on Blizzcon, so I expect stuff like PPV and the Stream are attempts to recoup their losses, so putting on a big act like Metallica helps that (and I expect they are big fans besides).

Outside that, the reason Metallica actually protects their songs and trademarks/copyrights is because they actually own them. Unlike 99% of bands out there. It is really uncommon for bands to own their own music and have the ability to protect their things, it's usually the music labels who own the music. Also, Metallica didn't sue grandmas, that was the record labels, Metallica went after Napster only, not users of Napster. Additionally, they expressed regret for that whole thing (in interviews and in the movie they did), and said they wished they hadn't done it, so they quit going after file sharing after the whole Napster thing ended. Since then they have released so many free music mp3s (generally live performances, but some of it is really good), and encouraged people to spread them around.