Escapist Podcast: 198: When Nostalgia Does And Doesn't Hold Up

The Escapist Staff

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Jul 10, 2006
198: When Nostalgia Does And Doesn't Hold Up

This week, the Escapist staff discusses nostalgia roll in gaming along with the potential strike among voice actors.

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Sep 24, 2010
The voice acting strike is a really interesting discussion and I've got to say I mostly side with Ron here. Voice acting quality is rarely enough to make or break a game.

As with anything there are exceptions of course. Teletale games thrive because of the emotion and storytelling to the point where gameplay is the biggest thing holding them back. I don't want to walk around finding 3 items to solve a simple puzzle in The Walking Dead...I just want to continue with the dialogue and make decisions people will remember.

I think when it's all said and done video games will stick to their guns and refuse royalty payments. It's just a simple way to cut down costs that will not cost you any significant competitive advantage.

It's not like voice actors will support Indie games en masse at the detriment of AAA. Nor could I see millions of gamers quit gaming for good if voice acting quality worsens.

All that happens here is that gaming companies save a lot of money, they won't get kickback from other positions within expecting similar royalty benefits, and gaming as an art form is somewhat tarnished.

This may be a rather heartless way to look at the situation but from a financial business standpoint it's the result that makes the most sense to me.