Escapist Podcast - Movies and TV: 016: A Dame To Flop For

Team Hollywood

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Feb 9, 2009
016: A Dame To Flop For

NOTE: This week's podcast is audio only.

This week on the Escapist Movies and TV Podcast, we come not to praise Sin City 2, but to bury it. The long past its sell-by date sequel flopped hard over the weekend, bringing a definite end to the franchise on movie screens but, of course, surprising no one. Bob and Ross talk about that length, then get into a conversation about Star Wars that somehow derails into an extensive and HIGHLY nerdy conversation about Dad-oriented pulp novels. It's pedantastic!

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Gone Fonzy
Jun 9, 2010
So you are saying I should watch Sin City 2 for awesome topless acting? I've heard worse reasons to see a movie.

Also I agree with you Ross. David Lynch is overrated. Oooo, look at my weird crazy imagery where if you know what I am going for you, you are full of shit because I didn't give enough context for anyone to get it.


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Nov 23, 2009
Quick note, Fault in our Stars came out in june, against Trans4mers. And one of the big reasons it succeded is because the author is huge on youtube. Vlogbrothers, check it out.