Escapist Podcast - Movies and TV: 028: Happy New Year (Also More On The Sony Hack)

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Feb 9, 2009
028: Happy New Year (Also More On The Sony Hack)

Bob and Ross were quite pleased with the lengthy podcast they recorded just before Christmas dealing with the ins and outs of the Sony hack and the resulting hilarity regarding the cancelled release of The Interview. Then, not 24 hours after posting that discussion, Sony backtracked on its backtrack and gave that film a simultaneous video on demand and (limited) theatrical release. Whoops!

Well, to celebrate the new year, Ross and Bob decided to revisit the whole Sony mess, this time with an eye on how the simultaneous VOD/theatrical release might - or might not - impact the film business over the coming years. They also talk about whether or not North Korea actually did it, the oldness of Academy voters, and some of their favorite films. Enjoy. And this time, hack the Gibson!

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May 27, 2020
Regarding the use of movie theatres in the future... do you think it's possible that we'll see more broadcasts of old movies? The unique characteristic of movie theatres is that you're together with a bunch of strangers, and I could see them airing reruns with the communal experience as a selling point.