Fallout 3: A Different Kind of Treasure

Zach Miller

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Jun 15, 2009
Totally agree about the loot. The other thing, which I think goes hand in hand with loot, and is missing in both Oblivion and Fallout 3 are very difficult/unique monsters. Yes, there are some giant super mutants and deathclaws in the game, but by the time you've reached level 15 these really aren't a challenge.


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Feb 18, 2009
Anton P. Nym said:
Susan Arendt said:
I ran into a tiny grocery last night in which some clever wastelander with homicidal intent had set up a Rube Goldberg-style apparatus meant to set off a cluster of grenades. It was amusing, but there are only so many of those moments in the game.
I think what kept me rapt during my sojourns into the Capital Wasteland was the story of the setting itself. Breaking into that house in Minefield and finding a child's bedroom with crutches, braces, surgical tubing... but no sports toys, and no body; and then finding the master bedroom with two adult skeletons embracing on the bed, with painkillers on the nightstand. That spoke eloquently on what this little family's last days were like.

The general's quarters with the pile of empty liquor bottles next to a bathtub occupied by a skeleton and a toaster made for a grim-but-amusing tale of its own. As did the diary of the triage nurse conscripted into the National Guard, and the diary of the family trying to reach a shelter after the attack...

Maybe that's the reason I don't get into MMOs and most RPGs; I'm not a phat lewt type, I'm a story-hound.

-- Steve

PS: also, nukes. Blowing up abandoned plutonium-fuelled Edsels never got old.
You beat me to the punch.
I always loved trying to play "Sherlock" and guess the families' backstories.
If you didn't already notice, I'm a huge Immersion lover to rival that of Yahtzee, if a bad game is immersive, then you will find me playing it. Take the Sims for example, absolutely HATED the freaking game. But I look at it as a story aspect and it is much more grand.

Even if I didn't get as much loot, there were wonderful mods online that helped with my endeavor, and I found that often the things the other players made were more useful than the other stuff.

I restrained myself from downloading any sort of perverted mod for obvious reasons, though.


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Mar 24, 2009
Maybe I'm still fresh into it, but I have been noticing that places where you killed a lot of raiders or such stay empty, providing a lack of chances for new loot. Definitely encourages me to be nice to some people just to see someone alive around some spots, besides the Enclave robots. (First time I saw one, Springvale(sp?), creeped me out but good). But takes away the opportunity for hunting to restock certain items, ammo, caps, extra equipment for repairs.
But a lot of the posts this article inspired gets me more into continuing the game. Either way, I'm a bit of a monty haul myself. Loot is good.


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Feb 22, 2009
mjaygtoo said:
While I agree with the idea that the "story loot" you find is rewarding of itself, the idea that there is no "phat lewt" in F3 is incorrect. Besides the obvious goal of collecting all the bobbleheads, there are also "uber" versions of every type of weapon in the game as well as some unique ones (like the Alien Blaster) and a unique power armor that is part of a quest to obtain.

There is uber stuff out there, it just isn't randomly generated and you have to look for it.
This. The game rewards you for looking yourself. The only reason I continued playing was for the phat lewts. Also the reason why I download every DLC.