Fallout 4: Want, needs, and things that aren't needed


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Nov 12, 2009
I really liked most Everything in Fallout 3. But there are some things I would like them to take in from New Vegas.
The things I like about Fallout 3:

1.The Wasteland. It actually FELT like a wasteland, the map was huge, but you could still find a Lot of settlements, in New Vegas it felt like you only need to walk 3 steps to get to a new settlement.

2.The fact that you could craft weapons, you could find schematics and create some really cool weapons out of scrap that was lying basically Everywhere.

3. Freedom. I felt like you had more freedom in 3. in New Vegas you practically HAD to choose between Mr. house, the NCR the Legion or neither, and you were reminded of this. It was very difficult to just "get lost" so to speak, and I quite liked being able to do that in Fallout 3.

The Things I liked about New Vegas:

1. The Gunplay. I really liked that you could aim down iron sights for every weapon, not just snipers.

2. I liked that you could craft food items and ammo. This in combination with the weapon making could make a Very immersive experience.

3. the Karma system. I just think it makes more sense to have a Karma system that's based on what each settlement thinks of you, rather than some arbitrary kind of general meter.

Things I want that the games (I've played) didn't have:

A Notebook you can make your own notes in. Really. That's really All I can think of. It would be So much easier and cooler and much more fun if you could write your own notes, because then you could go to a place and be like "Hey, I just found a really awesome looking safety vault. Too bad my lockpicking skills aren't that good... I'll come back later" and then you could make a NOTE of that and keep next to you other notes, so you can remember the place later.

Xan Krieger

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Feb 11, 2009
The one thing I most want is an easy way to make your own radio station with your own music. Yes it would take away from the atmosphere but all the music in Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas sucked. I guess it's the fault of the time period, the 50s. It's just a crappy time for music so I spend both games never listening to the radio (and I killed Three Dog for playing the crappy music). Feels like a wasted part of the game, having a radio that never plays anything good. I want a radio where I can put in my music while still having all the little announcements like about what you've done that do add something to the game.


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Oct 13, 2010
Things I liked from playing Tale of Two Wastelands (the mod to combine F3 and FNV) along with Project Nevada (which is for FNV):
-F3's weapon crafting system.
-TTW's few armors that contained both DT and DR. Really, why wouldn't armor be able to outright stop some bullets but then at least provide a good resistance to ones that do pass through.
-PN's changeable damage from DT that outright stopped bullets. Personally it felt pretty good that with only 1% damage getting through after DT stops a bullet, but I could see that maybe it'd have been better if I'd let that go down a bit to say 5 or 10% instead of the default (which IIRC was 25%?)
-PN's head DT only applies if the character actually is wearing a helmet (that has DT, so 0 DT/DR hats don't count). Doesn't make sense that I shoot an unprotected head and they negate damage because they also were wearing a T-51b (just not with a helmet for some reason).
-FNV's ammunition crafting. I'd like to see it expanded similar to how the CASE mod had, but at the least still include ammo crafting so it can be modded to a level of realistic values.
-FNV's companion system (though I'd like to see charisma actually affect the number of companions I can have at once, because otherwise I ALWAYS run a 1 in that stat).
-FO3's worldspace.
-FNV's skill/SPECIAL check system.
-FNV's weapon and armor degradation. Weapons shouldn't have a linear system of damage based on their health. Instead, they should have a logarithmic system. FNV did this partially with a certain point that things performed optimally.
-F3:Broken Steel's change to make for endless gameplay.
-FNV's quick keys including one dedicated to changing ammo type.
-FNV's hardcore mode making ammo weigh. Maybe make caps also have weight.

Things I disliked:
-Satchel charges from FNV's Lonesome Road that just detonated like I have 0 explosives skill. I've died too many times trying to disarm these things that I ended up saying screw it, gonna blow them all up using the Zeta Explosive Bolt drill weapon. I honestly don't mind the massive damage (though maybe tweak the crafting to be harder), but the short short fuse needs to go. Come on, at least 100 explosives skill should let me get in detection range, sneak close to it and disarm it with maybe a second to go if I did it perfectly. Just felt like those things ran on me having -500 skill.
-Auto-use snakebite tourniquets. Seriously, while it's nice to have the auto-use anti-venom things, it's not so nice that a single Cazadore can end up hitting me 5 times and now I've just used 5 tourniquets (realistically I'd get hit 2 times, but it's a group of 3 or 4 of the things usually, so 6+ tourniquets went bye-bye). Shouldn't there be a delay in a new auto-use item being able to be used?
-Albino radscorpions. Too much health. WAY too much health. Harder enemies shouldn't mean just versions of prior enemies with more health, they should have new attacks that might be deadlier or faster (thus deadlier by DPS).
-FNV's hardcore mode with really poor hunger, thirst, and sleep needs. If I needed food, it was far too simple to just scavenge some boxes of really old boxed food.

Things I'd like to see from other games or person ideas:
-STALKER's weapon attachment system (AKA, snap-on, snap-off, and they added weight).
-STALKER's weapon upgrade system.
-Minecraft's hunger system. Raw food gives food, but really is just a short term solution or emergencies only. Potentially just making pre-war food boxes poison your hunger in a similar way would make it a lot harder. Also, if the next game is near the sea, replace dirty water with salt water. Then we also have a similar mechanic for thirst that makes sense too.
-TES style skill progression.
-TES lockpicking. Just because a lock is very hard and I've got a skill of 97 shouldn't mean I can't even attempt. Likewise, trying the same lock at skill of 25 should be possible, but extremely hard (and actually risk breaking the lock and thus need the Infiltrator perk). Science based hacking should maybe be only changed so you can hack very easy always, easy at skill 10+, average at 35+, hard at 60+, very hard at 85+.
-Skills can decrease with non-use. To combat this at skill 100, you can actually have skills go over 100, but do no effect besides allow you to not use a skill for a long while without worry of going under 100. It shouldn't be very quick, but rather go down very slowly (like say 1 skill point per two days of non-use for combat, 1 per week on non-combat).

Probably a lot more, but I don't feel like spending more time on this post.
Mar 9, 2012
I want Obsidian to be involved with the development. At the very least as story consultants or dialogue writers. As good as Bethesda is at creating explorable worlds, there needs to be something to counter-act their black-and-white morals, uninteresting characterization, and wooden dialogue.

For what I don't want: Mothership Zeta to be mentioned again. Ever. Of course it would optimal if Bethesda just outright declares it non-canon.


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Aug 17, 2012
1. Make sure.......,,you go over each bug.......at least 50 times,.

2. Urban.....I like fallout 3 urban theme over fallout nv desert, but make it standout vs other urban ruins, give it a fallout like fell.

3. Make sure to add science labs, and such as in big mountain, but make each one useful, and tells a story of its own already in the game

4. Add some vechicles, heck take away from fast travel, or limit it, but I want a veritbird, and I want to be able to ride in one, and use it as mode of transportation

5. Lots of guns, but do not go crazy like borderlands. In fallout nv I felt their was enough guns types, but not enough that it takes away the value each gun

6. No child shield.......it's a game.......children die...........they do it in real life too.........if you do add it make sure not to add in some annoying brat

7. We do need random encounters.....allot of them

8. No dlc please, if you are going to do it then give us a game that already has or will have alll of it so we don't end up wasting our money

9. We need more of everything. More guns, more vechicles, more side quest, more plots, more decisions, more new things add, more monsters, more locations, more area, anything besides bugs.

10. More people to travel with you. You should be able to have your whole team with you if you wanted so I can feel like I have my own posse, and give them all quest that don't depend on decisions made in other quest so I don't get denied one if I happen to finish one quest over a companion quest

11. More factions is a most too, bring in the brotherhood, bring In Super mutants.

12. A better hard mode, in which you have to feed your companions too, they can die too, and bullets are scarce etc.

13. We do need scarly places, no go zones, monster nest, all those post nuclear wasteland horror stories. The couriers mile in the divlded, the dead money places, all those places are need so the game does not feel too easy for us, and to shock us up, be ause in the real world their are creepy places, and the fallout would should be no exception.

14. An alone mode in which you're alone....no dogs....robots.....just you, and your gun.......not even friendly people that will help you or merchants, just you, and the world. You even have to craft your own ammo, and have your own house which can be under attacked.

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Jul 1, 2012
I would like to see Bethesda someday take elements from both the Scrolls & Fallout series and make a New IP that gives the option of using firearms or alternatively technomancy ['magic through technological means' they did this in StarWars, Trek, & Babylon 5 for example] in a futuristic fantasy setting.

*Digressing//Back on Topic...

-More areas to explore & more side stories
-No more ammo diversity, but...
-Keep it so that certain enemies are tough against a certain damage type [like an elemental system except instead of 'Fire/Ice/Shock' alternately would be 'Bullet/Explosive/Fire/Poisen/Bladed']
-No more half ass mods for guns. Before NV was released, Bethesda implied that you can have complete freedom to mod your firearms any which way. Id rather it be like in FO3 where you just found an already custom modded gun with a funny name and it was completely distinct from its original. Is there really a need for a night scope, a silencer, and a ammo clip that adds 3 whole rounds for a varmint rifle? This is why i just said screw it, sold all the guns, and played as a stealth melee.
-I liked the toss weaponry idea in NV but it was really limited. The crafting system could be used a lot for this so one could make ninja stars, throw knives, poison darts for a mix made from scrap metal and glue.
-Less liquor options. Beer, whiskey, vodka, & moonshine is all one would really need.
Aug 1, 2010
Smeatza said:
Sir Thomas Sean Connery said:
I really don't get this complaint.
Well there is a certain amount of fanboyism to it.

Sir Thomas Sean Connery said:
I had heard about how Fallout 3 did all kinds of horrible things to the lore and I assumed it would all make sense when I played 1 and 2.

I did and I don't get it. Fallout 3 has almost nothing to do with the earlier games. Was it the minor thing about there being more Super Mutants? Was it the BoS being too nice?

I would truly appreciate an explanation of what you and others find so egregious about Fallout 3's lore.
The complaints from hardcore fans are many I hear, but you've listed the main two I care about there.
Not so much the amount of super mutants but how they behaved. They were reduced to an almost animalistic, generic evil monster. Compared to an intelligent race of mutants, created for nefarious purposes, freed from their servitude, and trying to find their place in the world.
The Brotherhood of Steel is the same deal, they're barely even recognisable, and are just generic good guys.
Like I say there are mainly fanboy complaints (which is weird considering FO3 was the first of the series I played), but they are part of larger, more general, more legitimate criticisms of the quality of writing.

I felt that way about the BoS is all of the games, but having played Fallout 2 and dealt with the racism and political struggles, I understand the irritation at the Super Muties being turned back into straight villains.

And yes, the writing is definitely lesser when compared to the earlier Fallout games.

Thanks for the answers.