Favorite Arkham City Moments *Spoilers*


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Oct 18, 2008
There is also a place near the steel mill with a graffiti tag of Black Mask which answers a riddle and explains why Black Mask is getting a beat down at the start. Just before the game begins he manages to escape Arkham City and is pursued through Gotham by Strange's forces before being recaptured and sent back.

Actually my favourite moment was the T-Rex!

Odd Owl

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Oct 21, 2011
Arkham City is a brilliant game, and it's difficult to think of a single best gameplay or narrative moment. But I have to admit that I really enjoyed the game's repeated mockery of LOST, even though it doesn't really relate to anything Batman. I love LOST, but listening to random henchmen complain about the producers never explaining the nature of the Island, and listening to the Joker's rant about TV shows and the ending of LOST was a great touch.


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Sep 21, 2011
Swarley said:
Watching Batman fall for the fake joker gag.


Also, just the fact they crammed so many villains in there, YET THEY MANAGED TO LEAVE OUT BLACK MASK.

Or at least I haven't found him yet.
Hes at the start when your bruce if you look to the right hes being tackled by tyger guards. He shouts "Nobody arrests the black mask, nobody!"
Tyger Guard "Shut it sionis (His real name)
Black mask:Take me strange!
Tyger guard:Stand down! Then they taser him
He also is mentioned to be the only one to escape arkham city by stealing explosives from penguin and blowing up one of the walls.He is later recaptured and then strange places turrets on the side of the walls.He is also seen fighting robin in a DLC pack