Favorite/Most Used League of Legends Skins

RJ 17

The Sound of Silence
Nov 27, 2011
Pretty much what the title says: what are your favorite and/or most used skins in LoL? Why do you like them so much?

Also: what's your favorite over-all skin in the game?

Since I only own 9 champs, I'll go ahead and list my favorite skin for each of them. You don't have to if you don't want to as I'd imagine some of you out there likely have quite a few more champs than me. :p

Ashe - Heartseeker.
I like the visuals with this one regarding the <3 arrow and the pop-up chair for her recall.

Karthus - Grim Reaper
I've always loved the figure/image of the Grim Reaper from mythology, so this was a must-get for me. Karthus became my main shortly after getting this skin.

Nocturne - Haunting
I just love how his Halloween costume is to put a sheet over himself and call himself a ghost. I also like how his Q leaves a green ghostly trail with little spirits rising out of it.

Ahri - Pop Star
For this one it's hard for me to decide between Pop Star and Fire Fox...but Pop Star gets it because of the special /d and recall. That said, I'm thinking about getting the Kawaii Senpai Ahri (Academy Ahri, that is :p).

Katarina - Slay Belle
Just something about that orange hair that I can resist. I also like the little mistletoe knifes hanging above those hit by her Q.

Fiddlesticks - Surprise Party
This skin is just plain-old fun. I never really used Sticks before I got this skin, and I got this skin as my "freebie for good behavior" skin at the beginning of the year. The visuals and sounds for this skin are just silly, and there's nothing quite as enjoyable as throwing a surprise party with his ult and popping out of nowhere with all the balloons and confetti flying about.

Zyra - Wildfire
To be fair there's really not much of a choice here since she's only got what...two skins? I actually did want Haunted instead of Wildfire, but ended up going with the cheaper skin. Still, I do enjoy it.

Sona - DJ
Come on, who doesn't like DJ Sona? After getting drunk enough one night to justify the price to buy it, you bet your ass I like this skin...I kinda feel obligated too considering how much I paid :p. But in all seriousness it is a pretty sweet skin. I like how her hair becomes like a holograph. I like the Red song the best, but I like Purple's visuals more.

Akali - Headhunter
I'm a big Predator fan so naturally I really like this skin. As much as I enjoy all of the Predator skins, I do wish they'd come out with some Xenomorph skins...they'd be perfect for all the Void Beast champs!

Favorite Over All Skin:
Cottontail Teemo (don't own him).
He's just too god damn cute...and still everyone hates him. :p


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Apr 3, 2020
The Classic skin. For all of them. Rito will NEVER get anything from me! Ha ha haa!

Hmm, Gentleman Gnar is cool. Super Galaxy Rumble is the coolest though. Corporate Mundo is most corporate.

Gonna hold on tight with my money regardless.


Space Ace
May 11, 2020
Pink Skin Taric.


I used to really like matador skin Alistair, was either the first or second skin I bought.
Problem is with the graphical upgrade it got utterly fucked over. Before it used to look like the splashart and be a luxurious golden coat, now the colors look really faded and makes the skin look ugly...Wtf riot, graphical improvements ruined my skin. If I wasn't so lazy I'd kick up more of a fuss over it really.

I always loved Nightmare before Christmas and to me Pumpkin head Fiddles is the Jack Skellington in Pumpkin king mode from the start of that film. That's how I justified it to myself anyways.

I own grim reaper karth for the exact same reasons OP does, and karth is one of my mains likely due to me liking his skin so much as well.

Otherwise another skin I own that I like is cottontail teemo for fluffy adorableness and rugged garen for making me feel like I'm playing a GoT character or something out of a "gritty" medieval fantasy at the very least.

Oh I'm quite fond of middle east Zilean for the Zil Laden/ bomb jokes I can make with him (I really hope admitting to this doesn't bite me back somehow xD, but with my friends we have a very not PC sense of humor and joke about all sorts of stuff some would likely find very offensive.)

For skins I don't own, DJ sona is cool as are the video game themed characters in general, xena sivir is cool, kittycat katarina is also..interesting.

Oh Business Mundo and Nunubot always make me :) too, especially the latter, I remember the old nunu bot series quite fondly.

I dunno what my favorite overall skin would be. My most used skins are pink taric, grim reaper karth and rugged garen so would probably be one of those 3.

The Wykydtron

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Sep 23, 2010
Oh OP, I always had a pet peeve against people who use seasonal skins all year long. Yeah I have the Christmas Katarina skin too but you don't see me playing it in the height of summer. I'd be playing one of my other 2 Katarina skins instead

I would love to say High Noon Yasuo but his classic skin is just so perfect. High Noon has a fucking gunblade sound on his Q but the classic skin still beats it.

And yes I am that guy who plays nothing but Yasuo because Team Builder is the best addition to League ever. I've played god knows how many games with him but I still devolve into smashing the keyboard and praying I didn't just dash myself into the entire enemy team in hectic fights.

I do have DJ Sona because Sona was my first proper main back when I a pre-30 scrublet (full AP Sona mid, Mejai's into Deathcap, go big or go home) and I basically use it whenever I make a lapse in judgement and play Ranked. I just lock support Sona because let's be real, who else is going to?

RJ 17

The Sound of Silence
Nov 27, 2011
The Wykydtron said:
Oh OP, I always had a pet peeve against people who use seasonal skins all year long. Yeah I have the Christmas Katarina skin too but you don't see me playing it in the height of summer. I'd be playing one of my other 2 Katarina skins instead
I'm guessing the fact that the other skin I use for her is Kitty Kat doesn't help. :p

But yeah, like I said: the biggest reason I use that skin is because I really like that orange hair. :3

Frankster said:
Pink Skin Taric.

He's simply too FABULOUS to resist!


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Sep 2, 2010
I think my most used and loved skin is Championship Riven. I love the style of it, the art for it, the sword. Jesus her sword looks so wonderful with that skin. Best Riven skin ever in my opinion.

Second used and loved is Ghost Bride Morgana which my lovely other half bought for me. Such a gorgeous skin for a gorgeous champion!

But hey, I don't really play anymore. So my skins are sitting there going to waste. I saw this on reddit, and it seems fitting in relation to not playing League:



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Dec 27, 2011
The Cookie-Morgana thingy....and I own the Ace of Hearts skin from Twisted Fate but since I suck with him it's in my skin closet :)

Cold Shiny

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May 10, 2015
As an Annie main, my favorites are goth and wonderland.

Also, as with the OP, popstar ahri is the best ahri skin.