Fighting Game Mains


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Nov 29, 2013
With the release of Mortal Kombat X (which-now that it works on PC-is the best game in the series), my mind is back on fighting games. Soooooo I'm curious, who are your mains in all of your favourite fight-garmes?

Super Smash Bros.: Link, Ike, Ganondorf, the Littlest Mac (I dunno why, but when I got it for the 3DS I just switched to heavier characters)

Mortal Kombat: Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Noob Saibot

Street Fighter: Juri, Cammy, C. Viper

Soul Calibur: Taki, Kilik, Ivy

Tekken: Asuka, Unknown/Jun, Marshall and Forrest Law

Ultimate Marvel 3: Dante, Captain America, Wesker


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Apr 14, 2013
Super Smash Bros.: Depends on the specific game. Marth is the most consistent favorite, as he's been among my main characters since Melee. Fox and Mario were also up there with him in Melee. In Brawl, I began playing a lot of Zelda and Peach along with Jigglypuff, though she was mostly just for the laughs. The 3DS game is mostly the same as Brawl, but Lucina and Shulk have been added.

BlazBlue: Noel and Mu-12 are by far my most played. Jin comes the closest to those two, and I still don't play with him much.

Mortal Kombat: Never had a very well-defined main. I guess I played Skarlet and Ermac the most.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Dante and Vergil were always in my team. The third character shifted around a lot, but X-23 was the most common.

Maximum Bert

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Feb 3, 2013
I dont play enough atm to really consider having a main but characters I go to when I do play are:-

Blazblue: Makoto Nanaya (love this character)
SFIV and II: Blanka (this guy got me into fighters)
SFIII: Chunli (yeah shes top tier I know but I am not and I like her playstyle in this game)
Skullgirls: Squigly and Eliza (team)
Dengeki Bunko Climx: Selvaria Bles (because she is awesome)
Soul Calibur series: Siegfried (in 2 it was Nightmare)
MVC2: Sun Sun, Rogue, Psylocke (I havent played much of this game tbh but I just love these characters that I never pick anyone else)
Guilty Gear Xrd: I-no (but may change even though I really like I-no I dont think she fits my style at all)
Persona 4 Ultimax: Shadow Chie (previous one was Chie and may go back to her once the patch hits see how it effects shadow Chie first)
UNIEL: Gordeau
Dead or Alive: Ayane
Dissidia: Tifa (not sure it counts as a fighter but it kinda is also Tifa is my favourite VG character of all time)
Aquapazza: Karula
Tekken: used to be Kuma and Michelle in one and 2 respectively but now it is Asuka Kazama
Virtua Fighter: Vanessa if she is not there then Pai
KOFXIII: Yuri, Mai, Mr Karate
UMVC3: never really had a main but X23 was usually on my team
MK: Scorpion and Kitana

and that will do probably left out a few im not very good with most of these though Siegfried is my strongest by far then probably Blanka and Ayane then the rest. I keep wanting to play more but it just doesnt seem to happen.


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Sep 9, 2013
I don't really play competitively, so I can't say that I have mains as such. But I do have characters I tend to prefer and find easier to play with.

Soul Calibur (2, 4 and 5) - Mitsurugi.
Guilty Gear X2 Reload - Millia Rage.
Dead or Alive (Ultimate, 3, 4) - Jann Lee.
King of Fighters 13 - Kyo Kusanagi, Terry Bogard, Benimaru, Elizabeth Blanctorche.
Blazblue (Calamity Trigger and Continuum Shift Extend) - Noel Vermillion.

There's a few other fighting games I've played, but those are the only ones I can say that I have mains in.

Chester Rabbit

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Dec 7, 2011
Mortal Kombat - Sub-Zero. (Others-Johnny Cage, Noob Saibot, Night Wolf, Jax)
Tekken - Yoshimitsu. (Others - Raven, Eddy Gordo)
Killer Instinct - Glacius. (Others - TJ Combo, Kan-Ra)
Soul Calibur - Yoshimitsu. (Others - Voldo, Necrid)
DOA - Tina
Street Fighter - Chun Li: Dem Thighs!
Clay Fighter - Bad Mr.Frosty
Smash Bros - Mega Man


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Aug 24, 2013
Street Fighter -> Chun-Li (and Sakura and Rose)
Virtua-Fighter -> Aoi
Tekken -> Xiaoyu (and Bob)
Dead or Alive -> Ayane (and Mariposa)
Soul Calibur -> Leixia (and Hilde)

Lufia Erim

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Mar 13, 2015
Guilty gear xrd ( which is my main game now): Elphelt

UMVC3: Tron vergil rocketracoon

USF4: Adon

Persona4: Elizabeth

The Wykydtron

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Sep 23, 2010
I was one of the five people in the world who actually played Phoenix Wright in UMVC3 from launch until I stopped playing like a year and a half later and actually did pretty decent with him. I mean i'm no Lythero but I was ok considering PW is hands down not just the worst character in UMVC3, but I could make a case for him being the worst character in a fighting game full stop. I still love him though, they got his character down so perfectly. I was nowhere near optimal with UMVC3, my other two characters changed constantly and my third slot was never truly filled.

I play Mu-12 and Makoto in BlazBlue, mainly Mu cuz me and boxing characters never mix well.

I play Labrys and Shadow Labrys in Persona 4 Ultimax and Arena. REAL Shabrys not the copy Shadow mode Labrys, the poser. Doesn't even have Asterius, what a scrub. I'm way better with Labrys though, the difference between the two is higher than you might think. The moves they can cancel out of changes along with their specials. Shabrys can't cancel anything from her slide attack but Labrys can for example. Shabrys combos are way harder to do since you don't have Ariadne's jumping medium which is an unashamed combo extender move that serves absolutely no other practical purpose. They gave Asterius so many little quality of life buffs in Ultimax too.

Finally I play Chiester 410 in the Umineko fighting game Ougon Musou Kyoku and probably Lucifer, because the Seven Sisters get sidelined so hard after the first few arcs and I feel like they need more time to shine. It's got a really unique 2v2 system where one character builds super for the other character who is offscreen, so your first character is fighting on no SP until you swap over and suddenly you're playing a character with 5 SP and access to the Metaworld. Lucifer can work well without her supers but 410 is really damn good at keepaway if you have supers.

I love her Metasuper too, it's legit just firing the classic double Golden Bow with the other Chiester sisters and it fucking locks down the opponent forever. It has the four lines of summoning magic type text on the screen with the exact same sound effects as the novel. The sound design makes this game.

Gotta say, the Japanese have a strange tendency to make fighting games out of Visual Novels, seemingly at random but make them work somehow. The Metaworld switches is perfect for an Umineko game, you declare the Metaworld for yourself for 2 SP which actives both character's passive abilities and gives you access to their Metasupers (and the background turns into a really cool version for the duration) when they declare it, your opponent can deny it for 2 of their SP if they hit the button fast enough, the first person can re-declare it again but only have half the duration on it for more SP, the second person can deny it once again for more of their SP but finally if they think it's worth it, the first person can give the final hit and force their Metaworld for practically all of their SP but only have it for a quarter of the duration.

It's a classic Umineko Red/Blue argument in rapid fire and it's my favourite powerup mode out of everything i've played so far.

Mister K

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Apr 25, 2011
OK, so I have a few:
Street Fighter: Dudley, Alex and, if I can't play them, Ryu.
King of Fighters: Any combination of Terry, Vanessa, Blue Mary, Iori, Maxima, Clark.
Guilty Gear: Slayer, Potemkin and Johnny.
Tekken: Steve and Asuka.
Virtua Fighter: Shun Di.

I am yet to play MKX, but I really want to mess around with Pump Up or Wrestler Jax, Shotgun Jacqui, Sunt Double Johnny, Gunslinger Erron Black, Kenjutsu Kenshi, Brawler Cassie, Dragon Fire Liu Kang, and some variations of Kung Lao and Sub Zero.


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Sep 9, 2009
I don't really play fighting games any more but back when I was into tekken it was Yoshimitsu and, if available, devil/angel or devil Jin. My reasoning being that the former was the only one to bring a katana to a fistfight and therefore clearly at an advantage. Ditto for the celestials since they could shoot laz0rs and were story mode bosses. Look... We were all young and stupid at some point all right?

Funnily enough this went on to become a self-fulfilling prophecy since I almost exclusively played those characters and thus became reasonably good with them. Not pro gamer levels of good of course, but enough for 15 minutes of notoriety on the school playground. The kicker? All I really did was troll the move lists for fancy moves to mix into my button mashing. But since button mashing was all anyone else in my circle of friends ever did, that's all it took. One-eyed man in the land of the blind and all that jazz...


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Jul 15, 2010
I guess these guys.

Mortal Kombat: Ermac, Baraka, Cyrax

Tekken: Miguel, Zafina, Yoshimitsu

Soul Calibur: Voldo as he is the most awesome fighting game character ever. I quite like Cervantes as well.

Killer Instinct: Fulgore

Smash: Link, Captain Falcon, Wii Fit Trainer

Not forgetting the fighting game my group of friends plays the most, DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3: Perfect Cell, Super Baby 2 and King Cold.

I can't wait to get on MKX. Really liking the look of Mystic Ermac, and hating the prospect of fighting Wrestler Jax as I have a friend that just loves grapplers.


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Mar 30, 2011
I have a couple, though a lot of these games I haven't played in forever.

Mortal Kombat: Quan Chi, Sub-Zero, Kenshi. I haven't gotten MKX yet, but I'm thinking I'm gonna main Warlock Quan Chi, Kenjutsu Kenshi, and Cryomancer Sub-Zero. I'm also really intrigued by Gunslinger or Outlaw Erron Black.

Soul Calibur: Necrid (yep, I'm that jerk)

Injustice: Solomun Grundy, Lobo

Tekken: Bryan Fury

Killer Instinct: Sabrewulf and Riptor

Darkstalkers: Jon Talbain (I like Werewolves, ok?) and Rikuo.

Mace: The Dark Ages and Weaponlord: (anyone remember these games!?) Lord Deimos and Zarak


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Feb 3, 2010
from most used to least by series

Blazblue: Makoto, Noel
SF IV: Yun, Juri, Dudley
Soul Calibur series: Siegfried and/or Nightmare
Guilty Gear Xrd: Axl
Dead or Alive: Ayane, Kasumi, Hitomi if on tag mode Ayane and Honoka
Tekken: Asuka and Lars
KOF XIII: Kyo, Mai, Terry
UMVC3: Deadpool, Felicia, and Dr.Doom
MK: Reptile and Scarlet
Killer Instinct: Orchid
Darkstalkers: Morrigan
Smash Bros: Zero Suit Samus, Lucina, Ike, Shulk, Toon Link

L. Declis

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Apr 19, 2012
Tekken: XiaoYu, Hwaorang, Paul Pheonix.

Super Smash Bros: Link, Mario.

Soul Calibur: Sophia


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Jan 4, 2010
Third Strike: Makoto

Blazblue: Nu-13, Tsubaki

Guilty Gear: Jam, I-no

Under Night In-birth: Orie

Skull Girls: Eliza, Squiggly, Fukua (thinking of picking up Robo Fortune when she's more finished)

KOF XIII: Athena, Kula, Vice

Aquapazza: Tamaki

Darkstalkers 3: Lilith

Chaos Code: Celia II Kai, Cthylla

Gundam Battle Assault: Hygogg, Quin Mantha

Gundam Extreme Versus: Gold SUMO, Gerbera Tetra

Those are all the fighters I've put significant time into in recent memory.

Sleepy Sol

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Feb 15, 2011
SF4 (all versions I played): Dudley
Guilty Gear Xrd: Sol
UMvC3: Nova/Doom/Vorgil
KoFXIII: EX Kyo/Terry/EX Iori
MKX: Erron Black for now. Gunslinger and Outlaw variations.
Blazblue: Tager/Azrael

That's about it. I haven't been playing consistently in most of those games, though. Basically a trash player.


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Oct 9, 2008
MK in general - Sub-Zero and Kabal

Soul Caliber 3 - Ivy and Tira

I admit I don't play a whole lot of fighting games.


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Mar 15, 2011
Tekken I play Miguel and Lei pretty much exclusively unless me and my friends are screwing around with random selections.


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Apr 3, 2020
The only fighting game I know how to play is Tekken, and while I don't really 'main' any character I like to play Bryan, Asuka, and Miguel.

Bizzaro Stormy

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Oct 19, 2011
Bloody Roar-Bakuryu

Mortal Kombat series-Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Raiden.

One Must Fall 2097-Jaguar, and Thorn any pilots.