Former NFL Player: EA Deal is Cheating Us

Andy Chalk

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Nov 12, 2002
Former NFL Player: EA Deal is Cheating Us

A former NFL player has written an open letter to John Madden [], calling for his support in a class action lawsuit on behalf of retired players while highlighting the hardball tactics employed by EA to push 2K Sports out of the football game.

Jeff Nixon, a free safety for the EA Sports [], the NFLPA negotiated a deal for EA that was less than half what it would have been without their "involvement and assistance."

While it's unfortunate that Players Association executives are apparently working against the very people they're supposed to represent, of greater interest to gamers is the impact this deal apparently had on Take Two [] to back off its plans, leaving EA as the only professional football videogame manufacturer out there."

As it turns out, Take-Two's departure from the scene was not only bad for gamers, but also for the football players themselves, according to another email from Players Inc. attorney Joe Nahra. "We definitely aren't going to require you to pay an additional price unless you choose to add players that didn't sign off on the original deal. You have the existing HOF [Hall of Fame] players that responded to our letter for several years with no increase in cost," he wrote. "The per player price for most of these guys was tens of thousands of dollars less than what they were guaranteed by Take Two Interactive so it's a real coup that we were able to pull this off so cheaply."

"You have to remember that EA's total cost is only $200,000 per year," he continued. "We know that Take Two offered six figure deals to several former NFL players so the total cost is millions below market prices. That being said, we'll continue to go after the new inductees for the same price per player (around $2500) and I think we'll be successful."

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Aug 1, 2008
EA games is a business to make money, not make good games. We all know this, and the best thing you can do to support creativity, ingenuity and everything else that EA games lacks, is to not buy their games.


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Nov 11, 2008
It Sucks because 2k Sports made the best NFL Game ever.

So in theory 2k Sports is EA games Opposite. They have no problem giving away money (the 1million to that guy who won the baseball comp) and actually make good games