Frank O'Connor Bounces from Bungie to Microsoft

Logan Frederick

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Aug 19, 2006
Frank O'Connor Bounces from Bungie to Microsoft

Bungie's Content Manager Frank O'Connor resigns from the studio to stick with the Halo franchise at Microsoft.

A short letter written as part of Bungie's weekly update [] announced the departure of Content Manager and Halo hype man Frank O'Connor from the studio. He will be joining Microsoft to stick with the Halo franchise and lead that series.

"I am off to work more closely with Microsoft on the Halo franchise, so I shan't be too far away," he promises, "but I wanted to take this last chance, appropriately enough in a Weekly Update, to tell you a very fond thanks. Thanks for being the most energized, enthusiastic, loyal, faithful, creative, imaginative and incredible community any video game could ever have."

Although he is leaving Bungie, he promises that there are exciting projects in the pipeline.

"It was very hard for me to make the decision to move on," lamented O'Connor, "but one thing that made it just a bit easier, was seeing the amazing work that's coming down the pipe. I was busy working on a story for one of our next games, an experience that is destined to surprise, amaze and entertain like nothing we've ever made before. That game has an amazing team invested in it, and one that will be tasked with building the Next Big Thing."