Free Plants vs. Zombies For iPads and iPhones This Week


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Oct 19, 2009
Free Plants vs. Zombies For iPads and iPhones This Week

PopCap can't contain its excitement about its iStore freebies, which may explain those premature potato mine detonations.

Plants vs. Zombies [], PopCap Games' cheerful vegetable undead tower defense title, is now free on iPad and iPhone, but if you want it, best hurry. The deal's on for this week only.

Meanwhile PopCap is still hard at work on the sequel [] to this happy little puzzler. For those who don't already know, your objective here is to let the zombies into your home so they can join you for a tasty snack. I'm told some plants may also be involved - them's good eatin' too, especially those tasty sunflowers - and there's a pool, and some crazy neighbor guy who just keeps getting in the way; I mean, honestly, how's a zombie supposed to get his munch on with him around, I ask you?

But I digress. Free is free, and if you don't already have this for your Apple mobile device, now's the time!

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Sep 28, 2009
DVS BSTrD said:
Screen shot is noob: The entire back row should be sunflowers.
That's why he's already used three mowers.
Silly peasant who took the screenshot indeed....I use both back rows with sunflowers!

OT: Nice, I enjoyed this game a lot, think I own every version of it, except the ipad/iphone, only got the ipod. :p

Anyways, recommending that game all the time...especially if free.