Freebie Info - Narita Boy [FINISHED]


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Apr 3, 2020
Today, for you:

Narita Boy

Narita Boy will be free at GOG until November 25th at 2PM UTC. To nab it, go to, scroll down a little until you find the giveaway banner, then click the claim button.
Flashback to the 80s. The Creator, a genius of his time, creates a video game console called Narita One with its flagship title being a game called Narita Boy.

Narita Boy becomes a tremendous hit! Copies of cartridges are flying off physical shelves worldwide. Within weeks Narita Boy is the best-selling video game of all time, critically acclaimed for its power-fantasy wielding the Techno-sword and taking players on a journey like no other.

Meanwhile, inside the binary code, the digital realm connects with reality. Him has returned and deleted The Creator’s memories. Supervisor program, Motherboard, and her agents have activated the Narita Boy protocol.
Have a look if interested, and enjoy.
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