Friday Fan Art Round-Up for May 16th, 2014


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Jan 5, 2013
Friday Fan Art Round-Up for May 16th, 2014

In the continued adventures of the Friday Fan Art Round-Up we showcase art pieces paying tribute to Game of Thrones and Child of Light among others.

Another Friday is here and with it The Escapist is back to deliver unto our dear readers another handsome batch of random art from the furthest reaches of the interwebs! This week's Friday Fan Art Round Up includes art pieces paying tribute to Game of Thrones, Child of Light, Conan the Barbarian and everyone's favorite kill-or-be-killed zombie game: DayZ.

DayZ is one of those games that I intensely want to try but am pretty sure I never well. Between a lousy PC and a general lack of abundant free time, the odds are just very much against me taking up a life of post-apocalypse banditry. That aside, I still really enjoy reading about other people's experiences with the game and can also appreciate the work of those trying to show their appreciation for the unique experience it offers. Take <a href=>Simon Weaner's recent photo/painting hybrid which transforms a beach from Quebec City into a rotting shipwreck overrun by the dead.


What do you think of these art pieces? Were there any special bits of fan art you encountered this week? Let us know and feel free to share in the comments section!