Fright Night's Writer/Director Team Sinks Teeth Into Pride and Prejudice & Zombies


Mortician of Love
May 25, 2010
Fright Night's Writer/Director Team Sinks Teeth Into Pride and Prejudice & Zombies

The movie adaptation of Pride and Prejudice & Zombies is still alive and biting, but it's got a new creative team working on it.

Back in October, it looked like the movie adaptation of <a href=>Pride and Prejudice & Zombies was dead before it ever really had a chance. At that point, the film was without a director, a star, or a producer. However, it turns out that the project still has a bit of life left in it, since it's been revealed that writing/directing team Marti Noxon and Craig Gillespie (the pair behind this summer's remake of <a href=>Fright Night) is now attached to the the movie version of the Jane Austen satire.

When it was revealed that the movie was rudderless and drifting through uncertain waters, writer/director David O. Russell (known for projects like The Fighter and Three Kings) had just departed from the movie, even though he's written the screenplay. According to Screen Rant:

"Russell ultimately left the project as director - in part due to budgetary issues - his screenplay for the literary romance/horror mashup is said to be quite sharp and bitingly witty ... Noxon is simply reworking his draft. The mix of macabre humor and gory zombie violence will certainly remain the same; if anything, Gillespie probably just wanted to inject a bit of his own (artistic) flavor into Russell's script, and thus brought in Noxon to handle the job.

Noxon is generally known for quality writing, having written episodes for TV shows like Mad Men, Angel, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That said, she also wrote the script for I am Number Four, though the lackluster storyline of that film can probably be blamed more on <a href=>James Fey than than anyone else. Gillespie, in turn, is a bit more of an unproven commodity. His first movie, <a href=>Lars and the Real Girl was reportedly excellent. His next movie, Mr. Woodcock, was far less impressive.

Fright Night is scheduled for an August 19 release here in the United States, so it looks like folks will have to wait to see if the pair is any good at teaming up for a horror/comedy film.

Source: Screen Rant