Gamer Glasses Claim to Make You a Better Player

Tom Goldman

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Aug 17, 2009
Gamer Glasses Claim to Make You a Better Player

SteelSeries claims its new eyewear can give people a "competitive advantage" when playing videogames.

We've all seen those commercials on late night television where thin, muscular people attempt to sell glasses that are said to make life appear in "HD." While those glasses seem like a total scam, SteelSeries has teamed up with Gunnar Optiks to create something that sounds similar, made specifically for videogame players. I can't say whether they work or not without having tried them, but anything's possible.

The "SteelSeries Scope Pro Gaming Eyewear" is a new product "designed to improve visual efficiency, endurance, and recovery during gaming sessions," according to a press release. Gunnar Optiks already has a line of eyewear it says "works with the properties of the human eye" to provide a "visual advantage," and Scope is a new gamer's version of that.

SteelSeries says Scope provides a "visually enhanced experience while minimizing eyestrain and fatigue," and is another SteelSeries product that should help provide a "competitive advantage." While SteelSeries doesn't advertise Scope as a product that will automatically make you an amazing Halo: Reach [] player, it does say that Scope "enhances the details for sharper, clearer vision" while playing games.

Seeing is believing in regards to that claim, but the other advantage Scope is said to provide makes a little more immediate sense. Scope can supposedly reduce eye fatigue and eye strain due to lengthy play sessions. Sunglasses are known to do this by blocking the light of the sun, so I don't see why this wouldn't also be possible by the filtering of light from a videogame's screen.

Scope eyewear is available in both prescription and non-prescription and is designed to fit snugly even while wearing a headset. It's still unproven whether or not the glasses will help you kill more 12-year-olds in World of Warcraft [] session sounds intriguing if it works. However, the SteelSeries Scope eyewear does cost a hefty $99.99, so it's not an impulse buy for everyone.

Scope can be purchased from SteelSeries here [].



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Oct 9, 2009
I guess the inventors... *puts on glasses* ...didn't see the light.



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Jun 9, 2010
Sound interesting if it works, but I'm a bit sceptical. I'd like to hear a bit more on the scientific side than just what the potential results are. Although, to be fair I probably still wouldn't use them. I don't wear my own glasses, so I probably wouldn't use a supplementary pair for gaming, regardless of benefits.


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Oct 18, 2009
I've had a pair of gunnar glasses for a few months and they really seem to get the job done. They make the colours warmer so they are easier to focus on (eyes focus on yellow light easiest due to living under the sun for so long) and stop my eyes from getting sore and tired (I've never had that happen while wearing them). They're also supposed to reduce glare and etc however my lair is perfectly darkened so I wouldn't know.

...if only I could remember to wear them every time I'm looking at a screen


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Jul 17, 2009
Uh, do you know how much glasses cost? Because that's more of the upper-middle range of prices. Sure, it's not the cheapest, but it's not the most expensive (just googled "prices on eyeglasses" and got a hit for $163, and one site ranged from $45 to $275). In fact, these do look pretty cool. Should my eyes get any worse, and I have the funds for it, I may consider asking about these. It seems like it can do more than help with eyesight during gaming, and hey, a lot of my classes use computers.

EDIT: The last time I actually had to get glasses was more than three years ago, and that doesn't look to change. In almost every case, though, if it weren't for insurance, I would have had to pay at least $99.

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Apr 28, 2010
Milo Windby said:
Can I buy it with Monopoly money?
That's the best kind.

OT: I never trust or purchase from any company with a purposely mistyped name or product, as a general rule of mine.
"Gunnar Optiks"


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May 21, 2010
WanderFreak said:
Attention gamers! I have this stick, it makes you play better.

I will accept bids beginning at $500.
A Stick? But.... I can't hold my controller then. Is it a controller stick? Cause I ain't paying $500 for a move controller without motion sensor funtions... Hell I won't pay for a move controller period...

What else you got?


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Mar 19, 2009
You know why we buy sunglasses? Because we can't adjust the contrast/brightness/saturation/backlight/color temp of real life.

You know why we buy Scope glasses? Because we can't adjust the contrast/brightness/saturation/backlight/color temp of our computer scre....Oh wait we can.


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Mar 17, 2010
What I'm wondering about is the life in HD commercial. I've never seen that commercial, and I'm wondering what kind of an idea is that? "We make life real-er!"

Anyway. If it is clearer and sharper, I'd want to check them out. As a person without an HD tv, these glasses may be a little nice. But then again, if these glasses polished games to HD, it would replace HD tv's. The same way those "life-enhancing" glasses would replace perscription lenses.


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May 2, 2010
Well then. Guess I can keep that Radiation emitting CRT monitor after all!

Thanks SteelSeries! Now I can throw away this nice, non-strain-inducing LCD monitor.

Guess I won't need those instructionals either, what with the "Enhnced Edge" I'll have from my eyes being all HD'd out.

Chief TOTALLY needs the glasses.

/intense sarcasm and hate.


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Jan 13, 2009
So these sound like the computer glasses [] I just learned about this week when Human Resources gave a presentation on ergonomics.

According to this optometrist [], computer glasses seem to be something you look into when you're in your 40s. But I'm due for an optometrist appointment in a few months anyway, might as well ask mine about them.