Gamer Sues Sony Over Killzone Multiplayer 1080p Claims

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Dec 3, 2008
major_chaos said:
Mmmhhmmm K'. I'll continue to enjoy videogames too much to bother trying to burn down the company when Eurogamer tells me I was lied to. Also I'm not exactly defending Sony, I just think a suit is the mother of all over reactions at this point. They told a little white lie and that's bad, but its no where near 5 mil+legal fees bad.
If five million dollars is enough to burn down a multinational company responsible for thousands of products--including several games--per year, they're doing something horribly, horribly wrong.

Five bucks per person lied to[footnote]And even that's rather generous[/footnote] is not "the mother of all" overreactions.

It's not even "I don't want to live on this planet anymore" in terms of overreactions.


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May 28, 2011
Ghadente said:
i don't see how sony could be justifiably sued for so much money even if it is true that they sold the game under false pretenses. At best the kid gets his money back for the purchase of the game, and maybe lawyer fees. Seems pretty ridiculous to me, but you never know, you can sue a place for spilling hot coffee on yourself so why not this too
this is a class action lawsuit. essnetialy he is representing all people who bought the game and if the court decides in his favor the money will be split among all the people that bought the game.

Also the point of high amount suits are not to "cover damages". it is to provide a preventative fine so the company does not consider it economically feasible to lie again.

Zachary Amaranth said:
Strazdas said:
are you seriuosly suggesting that buyers should somehow magically determine whenever anyone is lieing and how much?
Would it have changed anything if I posted a picture of Stephen Colbert in the image?
i have misread you then. the fault is mine.


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Jun 2, 2010
I'm having some issues understanding standing to sue here? First up he brought the product sight unseen? Butthe big thing is did he attempt to get a refund for said product? Was he refused a refund by Sony? Where is the damage here, such that it would necessitate court intervention? Did the lousiness of the game spontaneously trigger the airbags in his Chevy Cobalt causing a 12 care pile up? This is pretty much the definition of frivolous lawsuit. Consumers have an inherent recourse in this situation. Demand a refund. And guess what a couple of hundred thousand people demanding a full refund of Sony would do far more damage to them and send a much clearer message than forcing them to give everyone 35 cents credit on their next purchase, which is what they will get out of a lawsuit.

Honestly whatever lawyer agreed to represent this kid and bring this suit needs to be disbarred.


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Apr 11, 2011
EyeReaper said:
So wait, this guy wants to sue for 5 mil. and upwards over a blurry screen on a video game?

Now, I know false advertising is a bad thing and all, and I know legal fees can get pretty hefty in cases like this, but isn't that a bit much? Basically what I'm asking is, if this guy wins, does he get all this money, or will it be distributed to everyone who bought the game? Cuz, if he gets the cash... doesn't that mean he'll be profiting from all the saps who fell victim to the advertisements?

Of course, most of my law knowledge comes from buddy cop movies, so If I'm talking out of my ass, just ignore my comment.
they generally start on the high end of things in order to start off negotiations for working that number down. if they just start from a reasonable number, they would be pressured to go lower than what they were actually expecting. there is rarely a suit which ends with the number that they started with, unless we're talking about those antipiracy suits where people got slapped with maximum inflated fines from laws created by lobbyists and passed by people with corporate hands up their asses.


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Feb 8, 2011
For all those people hoping this guy wins because stick it to the man screw you, you're trying to say it's prefable that one person becomes a millionaire set for life without a lick of work because he experienced a slightly lower resolution game than expected at the cost of hundreds of hard working peoples jobs.

a full refund + shipping is what this man deserves if he doesn't like the product he received not a full rebate of all the money of everyone who purchased the game ever. If he was truly fighting to "restore to Class members any money acquired by means of false advertising (restitution)" then he would be fighting to make it so that they were unable to deny refunds for faulty products or misadvertised products not for all of the money made by the games production into his own pocket.