Games That Matter Hosts Conference

Logan Frederick

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Aug 19, 2006
Games That Matter Hosts Conference

Games That Matter founders discuss goals and the future of their new company.

Hannes Seifert, Niki Laber and Jürgen Goeldner, ex-directors at the now defunct Rockstar Vienna [] studio, held a press conference in Vienna to discuss their new company, Games That Matter [].

Games That Matter will allow publishers, developers and investors to "participate in the actual IP without being forced to bear operative costs of a studio beyond the project." The studio, comprised of Rockstar Vienna veterans, will build the initial portions of a game property, such as brands and technologies, then outsource the development to other studios. Publishers will then be able to purchase or license final products from Games That Matter.

Executive Producer Hannes Seifert commented on how they will help companies collaborate on projects. "In my 20 years in this crazy industry I worked on original IP as well as licensed properties. With our new approach to game production we bring together ideas, investors and developers and help companies of all sizes to work with us on breathtaking titles without forcing them to grow to death.

"We will be able to offer publishers a finished game at a specific point in time without the risk of financing. And we offer investors a high return and long life cycle of their investment. We do not see investors as necessary evil, but as vital partners in production. And as such partners they deserve a fair share of a game?s success."

No specific projects or partnerships were announced, but one console and PC title is under development.

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